Monday, February 9, 2009

A-Rod's Confession---Good or Bad??

On one hand I think what Alex Rodriguez did today was commendable. Rodriguez did not try and hide from allegations of steroid use like Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Roger Clemens. He came right out and admitted he took performance enhancers for three years and that he was very stupid. He seemed to throw himself to the mercy of the American public.
However I can't help but think that a sport tarnished by many black marks over the past decade now has one that won't go away anytime soon because of the guy leaving the last wound. Rodriguez was considered as the guy who would save baseball from the steroid era. He would supplant Bonds as baseball's home run king and help take the game out of what it is now. Instead he is now the poster boy for all that is wrong with the game. He is someone making way too much money and he is someone who has admitted to cheating. So just to make sure I've got this straight. The man who is the home run king (Bonds) was juiced...the man whose single season record he broke (McGwire) was juiced...the man who has had more 60 homer seasons than anyone (Sosa) was juiced and now the heir apparent (Rodriguez) has admitted he hit 156 homers with performance enhancers bubbling through his body.
Perhaps the saddest thing of all is there are 103 other players in the same boat as Rodriguez. If the name Ken Griffey Junior is on that list of 103, baseball may never ever recover. So while I'm not sure if what A-Rod did today is good for him and the game, I am sure of one thing and that is Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth should get their crowns back because they are the "true" kings when it comes to homeruns.


Tyler said...

Plus, he's nailing Madonna who is old enough to be his mom. Babe Ruth would have never done that.

Ty Cobb, maybe.

Mike from Vita said...

Someone suggested there will have to be the Baseball Record* book and the Official Baseball Record book. Sad that things have come to this, but this is the reality of money corrupting that which is good.