Friday, June 24, 2011


The name game has apparently come to a close and it’s clear the people have spoken.

Although True North isn’t confirming, numerous outlets are reporting that they've decided to go with the Winnipeg Jets.

Following the press conference to officially unveil Claude Noel as the first coach of Winnipeg’s NHL franchise, co-owner Mark Chipman was asked if the public would find out the identity of the pick and his answer was concise.

“Possibly,” Chipman said, failing to expand or comment on the speculation.

True North has done an outstanding job keeping the secret under wraps and underwent an exhaustive process before returning to the old faithful.

Many believed True North would go with a new name, since the Winnipeg Jets franchise history still belongs to the Phoenix Coyotes.

However, public sentiment has been overwhelming in support of naming the team Jets.

It probably didn’t hurt either that co-owner and Canadian billionaire David Thomson endorsed the name during the introductory press conference, suggesting Jets was “a fine name.”

While the name is going to be revealed, it’s believed the new logo hasn’t been approved yet, so Winnipeg’s first round pick will receive a black and grey jersey with the NHL logo on it.


Anonymous said...

Those in the Eastern media can say whatever they want then just add "Sources say" and they're off the hook. I hate that kind of reporting. Let True North announce it and then it's news.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It couldn't be anything else.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

I am surprized, BUT I can live with the Jets moniker.

J E T S...Jets Jets Jets!!