Wednesday, December 5, 2018

John Murphy and the Saskatchewan Roughriders Part Ways

John Murphy and the Saskatchewan Roughriders are parting ways.

Murphy made the announcement via his Twitter account Wednesday afternoon.

My story, which appears on the 620 CKRM website, can be found right here


Anonymous said...

Serious thought.

Hopefully Jeremy O'day out next, he's useless, (His idea of success... hire Bob Dyce as head coach, thoughtless trades etc etc). Chris Jones needs a total restructure from the bottom on up with new personnel. Beware Chtis!!!! Old Boys Club favorite Jeremy always lurking, will undercut you and take your job. Good luck John Murphy wherever you end up.

SWC said...

It's obvious John Murphy's success at finding talent for Calgary was orchestrated by John Hufnagel. The Riders just got better.

Anonymous said...

A step back.
There goes the player talent
Identification plus evaluations across Canada and the USA as John Murphy leaves into the sunset. Roughriders overall team now subject to decline on and off the field of play as this just the start of the new version of a water downed CFL under the leadership of Randy Ambrosie/cohorts. CFL classification = D MINOR LEAGUE on par with the Mexican football league it so enthusiastically wants to join). Impending cuts across the board not conducive to long term success as the league faces adversity up against new upshot football leagues USA. CFL best reconsider it's long term projections and readjust accordingly to stay viable, competitive.

Anonymous said...

Tobi Antigha, Derrick Moncrief, Jordan Williams-Lambert, KD Cannon, Chad Geter, Takoby Cofield.

Just a few of the players Murphy brought in.

SWC shows off his complete and utter stupidity AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

So Murphy calls in players under contract and says hey can you take a 10 percent pay cut. They say no and the team cuts them.

Jones calls Murphy in and says ya'll need to take a 10 percent pay cut. Murphy says hey man I have a year left in my deal. Jones gives him the golden handshake.

Karma is a cold bitch indeed.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about the Sportscage from Nashville the last two days is that you weren't on it.

Anonymous said...

You can add Nick Marshall to that list. You may even be able to bring Brett Lauther on it.

Anonymous said...

The Riders with John Murphy on board in charge of all player personnel matters ascended to the second best overall team record in the whole CFL behind the eventual Grey Cup Champion Calgary Stampeders. Enough said SWC-Slow Witted Clown.

Anonymous said...

Players are asked to take pay cuts and either they do or they get cut.
Assistant GM's are asked to take a pay cut and he says no so he got cut. There is something poetic about this.

I didn't mind the job Murphy did, but he never did find us a great quarterback. I find it ironic that he balks at what he wanted players to do.

Who's next? Gotta think O'Day or Davis will be next to go.


Anonymous said...

I am not surprised by this. It is only the tip of the iceberg not just here, but across the league.

It will leave Halifax with some nice talent to choose from.


Anonymous said...

You can bet your bottom dollar Mr. Murphy rejoins the Stampeders of Calgary if he wants, Montreal/Toronto sure could use his astute expertise). Murphy a valuable football commodity sure to improve any team he works for as evident by personal past employment record. Murphy a gm in waiting.

Anonymous said...

The names and faces have changed but the Riders are no deeper now than they were when Murphy was hired.

Anonymous said...

If you want an example of the depth Murphy provided. Try Duron Carter playing DB because Nick Marshall was injured. He couldn't even find a DB.

Anonymous said...

Duron Carter playing DB all on Gm/Hc Chris Jones. He has the final say on all matters pertaining to the player roster.

Anonymous said...

Just give it a couple seasons of the AAF (Alliance of America Football) to wipeout the CFL talent from down south.