Monday, December 17, 2018

Something To "Mitch" About

Photo: Keith Hershmiller 

--I had the opportunity to be the public-address announcer at the Regina Pats-Moose Jaw Warriors game on Friday night.  It was great to see the Pats win, but if there was any doubt that the rivalry between these two teams isn't even close to what it was years ago, it was proven at the Brandt Centre.
There was no rivalry feel to it at all.  Even when the two teams were at the top of the standings as they have been for the last two years, I have felt the same way, but there was no aggression, no hatred, no nothing.  I don't know if it was the fact it was a game being played just before Christmas or not, but as someone who saw a lot of "heated" games between these two over the years at the Brandt Centre, Civic Centre and Mosaic Place, it was somewhat disappointing.  I don't have to tell those of you in your 40's and up what games between those two used to be like.  Sadly, that is the way the game is going today.  While I didn't watch a lot of the game on Access Saturday from Moose Jaw, that emotion between the two teams wasn't there.  The rivalry isn't dead, but it isn't anywhere close to what it should be if you ask me.  Don't blame the teams, blame the game!

--I think we all knew at the end of the CFL season that Calgary Stampeders quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell would be working out for NFL teams, but word Mike Reilly worked out for Jacksonville this past week had a lot of eyebrows raised.   Everyone had basically assumed the Eskimos QB wouldn't look for employment south of the border, but perhaps he wants to see if he can.  Did the Scott Milanovich connection play a role in this.  I would think if Reilly is serious about wanting to go south that he will get an offer.  If he does, that quarterback carousel will really start to spin and the CFL will be left without its marquee quarterbacks going into 2019.

--Would it be a Christmas present from the CFL if we got a 2019 schedule this week?

--In a world where athletes are painted in the wrong light for a lot of reasons---some of them self-induced, there are guys like Drew Brees.  He sent a football and letter to every player that has caught a pass of his and every offensive lineman that has blocked for him saying thank you for helping contribute to his all-time passing yardage record.  That spells class!  We need more guys like the New Orleans quarterback

--When is the last time the Patriots lost two games in the month of December?  Not that I'm complaining.

--What has happened to the Los Angeles Rams?

--If Derrick Henry continues running the ball the way he has for the past two weeks, the Tennessee Titans are a team that no one will want any part of if they make the playoffs.

--No doubt as I was very happy to hear about Noah Picton signing with the Argos on Sunday.  The odds are stacked against the former Regina Rams QB and he knows that. He also knows the odds have been stacked against him for a long time and he has just kept coming through and making the most of every opportunity he has had.  If he gets the opportunity to show his stuff in Toronto, he will show everyone what he can do at the next level.  Good luck Noah!

--There has been a lot of talk about a NHL outdoor game at Mosaic Stadium since Elliotte Friedman said there was interest from the league in staging such a game at the home of the Riders.  I am not going to let the cat out of the bag, but I am hearing some very positive news on that and another huge event that is coming to Mosaic Stadium in short-order that will have people excited.  Barring something unforeseen, I would expect something to be officially announced early in 2019.

--A family in Nepean, Ontario has been told they have to dismantle their backyard rink because someone complained saying it was an eyesore.  Shame on these obvious pillars of society for making such a request and shame on those on Nepean council who didn't tell the complainant to sit on the knob end of the stick and rotate. I think we all know how that would end up here and that the complainants car might have a couple of hockey ball sized dents in it before the winter is over.

--The Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors twice this month and you would think Toronto had already won the NBA championship. The Western Conference leading Denver Nuggets beat Toronto twice this month as well so is that crown now going to the Nuggets. As I have said before, when it comes to the regular season the Raptors have shown us what they can do.  Do it in the playoffs.

--I know it won't, but if we can get weather like this until the end of December and into the start of January, I'll be a happy camper.

--How much Christmas shopping do YOU have left? Sadly, I still need to get some things meaning sadly I will have to go out into the masses in what is the final week of shopping. SIGHHH!

--That's all I got. Have a great week!



Anonymous said...

The Regina/Moose Jaw rivalry has lost something with the uprising of Swift Current and their fan base. The Broncos eliminated favourited Moose Jaw teams in back to back years and also bounced the Pats from the playoffs twice in the last few years when the Pats were at the apex of their rebuild and loaded up for a run. Swift Current has become public enemy number 1 in Regina and MJ.

Having said that, when Kootenay moves to Winnipeg Swift Current will be back in the central. Regina and Moose Jaw will probably get heated again.

Anonymous said...

The good old days have been over for a long time when it comes to the Pats & Warriors. Home and homes between these two were always must-watch games at both venues because it would get bubbling one night and boil over the next.

I told my son about Norm Johnson and Al Tuer almost going at it by the benches. He thought I was pulling his leg.


Anonymous said...

Raptors fans quick to acknowledge regulars were out of the lineup in Denver.
Raptors fans ignore fact Curry, Draymond and Boogie Cousins didn't play in Toronto.
Raptors fans in for another major disappointment come playoff time.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember Shawn O'Connor winning a ceremonial faceoff when Mayor Fiacco dropped the puck? Fiacco wanted to kill him. Unbelievable atmosphere in the rink.

Anonymous said...

How about yesterday when Fox analyst Tony Gonzalez tagged Regina Ram alumni Akiem Hicks as the second best interior defense lineman in the NFL .. only Aaron Donald was better.

Anonymous said...

Hearing NHL game will be announced at Pats game on NYD!

Anonymous said...

The CFL is starving for top-notch quarterbacks right now. Losing both Reilly and BLM to the NFL would be a tough pill to swallow. I can see it happen though. BLM for sure!