Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Mayor, Trevis Smith and Something New

A good article on Mayor Pat Fiacco in the Edmonton Sun today. Take a read....

It looks like another chapter--and maybe the final one as far as we're concerned--has been written in the Trevis Smith case.

Former Saskatchewan Roughrider Trevis Smith is expected to become a free man today after serving a sentence for knowingly infecting two women to the virus that causes AIDS.
Smith, 32, is expected to leave the Saskatchewan Penitentiary in Prince Albert, Sask., today. A deportation order was expected to be executed on Smith, and he's to be sent back to the United States.
The National Parole Board granted Smith full parole last month.
He's served two years of a six-year sentence after being convicted of aggravated sexual assault charges in 2007.
Smith told the parole board he plans to rejoin his wife and two children in Alabama, become a substitute teacher and coach football. (Canadian Press)
Is this a first?????

The Washington Capitals are reaching out to women.
The Capitals have started Club Scarlet, which the team says is the NHL's first female fan club and is free to join.
It has its own website,, which includes a blog — the one posting as of Tuesday was written by "Hockey Mom VA."
"We have a large and passionate female fan base, and like the rest of our audience, it is growing," senior manager of fan development Kim Frank said in a statement released by the team. "Women have been underserved in traditional sports experiences and coverage, and Club Scarlet will provide a customized outlet where our female fans can express their passion for the Caps year round."According to the Capitals, the website will include "content specifically created for Washington Capitals female fans. The site will include hockey instruction, behind-the-scenes videos of Caps players and an outlet for women to discuss the team and hockey on an exclusive message board." (Associated Press)

Yeah, yeah I know exactly what some of you are thinking. Shame!! (OK I thought about it too)I wonder if something like this can catch on with other pro teams.

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There is nothing great about Fiacco.