Saturday, February 10, 2018

Ambrosie Talks Grey Cup, Scheduling and Rider Nation During Regina Stop

The Harvard 620 Lounge at Mosaic Stadium was packed with Rider fans Saturday afternoon as "Randy's Road Stop" stopped in Regina.  Before the town hall meeting, Ambrosie spoke with reporters on a variety of issues.  Here it is


Anonymous said...

TSN is going to be what stops the season from moving up.

Anonymous said...

Was in that crowd yesterday. Ambrosie is such a breath of fresh air for the CFL.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Scruff! Good talkin to ya yesterday!

A 2nd Darrell

Anonymous said...

3 things I took away from yesterday

1) Ambrosie is so far ahead of the curve it is ridiculous. No one else has thought of "kids day" in the past? Gotta admit I have never thought of that because I took my son to games when he was growing up and he will be doing the same in about 2-3 years time.

2) While I believe the state of officiating to be poor, the idea of having all crews work together all year long will hopefully improve things. I will say it can be tough if all guys aren't used to working with one another. Does this mean one of the crews will then work Grey Cup or will it still be individuals coming together to make GC crew

3) I hated the idea of a Thursday night game, but Ambrosie explained it well regarding TSN. However, if TSN wants to make Thursday night the night to watch CFL, what is Friday?