Thursday, February 8, 2018

CFLPA Issues Statement on Player Contracts

The following statement addresses recent public concerns related to fair and just treatment of CFLPA players.

“We are aware of the concerns made public by members of our association, and we take them very seriously. We are investigating the circumstances as well as the discussions referenced by the players as they relate to their contracts or any other agreements that may have been in place. Once we are satisfied with the results of the investigation, we will meet with the Commissioner and League office to discuss next steps,” said Brian Ramsay, Executive Director, CFL Players’ Association.

Ramsay continued, “Unlike our players, CFL coaches and management have the benefit of both guaranteed contracts while also being able to seek other opportunities in either the NFL or college, despite having active contracts with the CFL. The CFLPA, as well as our membership, are distressed with this continuing double standard as it relates to how the rules and agreements within our League are applied. We have brought these concerns to the CFL and will ensure that a fair and positive action can be taken to the satisfaction of our membership.”

The CFLPA does not expect to provide any public updates related to these investigations until the results are understood, communicated to all parties and we have agreed upon a fair resolution.


Anonymous said...

I've lost all respect for Ambrosie and the way he's handled the current situation.

Anonymous said...

It would be stupid and disastrous if CFL players walked off the job, but they might not have a choice if they don't get certain things in this CBA. It's gonna get ugly!


Anonymous said...

Why have you lost respect Anon 1? Because he said the truth! Might want to dig a little deeper into what is going on before you form an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Corey Chamblin, honor your contract.

Anonymous said...

Coaches and management in the CFL have "the benefit" of garanteed contract and the option to walk away of said signed binding contract... Hmmm... I call "Bush League" on the Canadian Football League! Time for new progressive change to the rules for both sides.


Anonymous said...

@anon#3 Surely I'm entitled to an opinion. I just lost all respect for you too.