Friday, October 12, 2018

This and That

--Welcome to Friday and the usual thoughts running through my muddled mind. As always, they come in no particular order.

--Despite the fact he still has a lot of haters out there, although admittedly not as many as he had going into the season or when the football team was 1-2 having come off a loss to the Alouettes with the number 2 quarterback starter,  Chris Jones is doing what the organization expected of him when he signed a contract extension.  If you remember,  Craig Reynolds said the expectation now is to go to the next level and host a home playoff game.  That could be reality as early as Saturday night. 

A Riders win against the Bombers combined with a BC loss in Calgary means the Riders will finish no worse than second and will have that home playoff game as they will host either the West semi or West final.  Jones will have done what the organization expected with hopefully to Rider Nation much more to follow.  He, his coaching staff and the players are getting the job done.  Can that be argued?  The team is in position to win as many as 13 games. Did you see that coming back at the end of July?   The Bombers have gotten their act together and Investors Group Field has been a place where Rider horror stories have started so there is a long ways to go before we can start thinking about the playoffs.  However, if the Riders take the "W" out of Winnipeg, start planning your calendars for Sunday, November 11 as the chances are pretty good the green-and-white will be home for the West semi.  Realistically, I don't see Calgary giving up their hold on first, but who knows!

-I think the Riders have what it takes to beat the Bombers, but Winnipeg will have the rest advantage as they are on a long week having not played since a week ago while the Riders played Monday. Yes, it is a short roadie, but the schedule makers didn't do the green-and-white any favours in this one.  If it is a hard-hitting battle which I expect it to be, Winnipeg should be the fresher team.  It could have a big role as to how this one plays out. 

--A question for Rider Nation!  If you know you are finishing second in the West and the Stampeders have clinched first, what do you do for the last game of the season October 27 against BC when it comes to the lineup.  You have a bye in the final week of the regular season.  Do you play your main guys for the whole game or not?  Would you start Brandon Bridge? Would you tell Willie Jefferson and Charleston Hughes to take this one off? Would you keep playing them and hope nothing happens that would make them unavailable for the playoff game.  It's a tough question and its a good question for Chris Jones and company.  

--The trade that sees Phillip Blake and Patrick Lavoie come to Riderville is not a flashy one, but its a solid one.  Teams in the CFL are as strong as their Canadian talent and depth and the Riders improved that 

--What happens in Edmonton if the Grey Cup hosts don't even make the playoffs?  Would the changes be made before or after the Grey Cup? As you likely know, if the season were over today, Edmonton would be OUT!

--I love the NFL and make no bones about it.  When it comes right down to it, I just love football as most know.  Monday in New Orleans was a coronation as Drew Brees became the NFL's all-time leader in passing yards.  Wouldn't it have been nice for someone to mention in the US that Brees is now #3 all-time behind Damon Allen and Anthony Calvillo?   Hey, I know that is never going to happen, but the debate was stirred up again about CFL players in Canton.  Much like the building in Toronto is known as the "Hockey Hall of Fame" and not the NHL Hall of Fame,  the shrine in Canton, Ohio is called "The Pro Football Hall of Fame" and not the NFL Hall of Fame.  Calvillo and Allen should be recognized as should other American players who have made their mark in the CFL.  Those who have done so in the CFL can be recognized in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.  I think a CFL wing in Canton would be a great thing for the league.

--Week 6 NFL Lock of The Week --- Packers over 49ers
  Week 6 NFL Upset of The Week --- Chiefs over Patriots 

-- I don't know if I want to be a member of the University of Alberta Golden Bears football team tonight.. It has been a tough few days for the U of R Rams and I am sure these guys want to take their aggression out on someone.  That someone happens to be the Bears.  From what I am hearing, the Rams and the U of R are appealing the unfortunate mistake that happened costing them their three wins. As much as I would like to think the appeal will be successful, you don't often see that happen. 

--The families of those affected in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash are still grieving. How could they not be? To see those families have to come out and voice their displeasure about a book written on the tragedy that was unauthorized and something those families said should not be written is something that should not have been done because the book should never have been written.  Trying to capitalize on tragedy is not cool and the author of this book is guilty of that because he knew he wouldn't get any co-operation because he was told by many of the families they weren't interested.  What a move of disrespect to a group that does not deserve that.  Good on all of those bookstores who said yeah and stopped the sale of said book. 

-- As far as I can tell, Pats forward Sergei Alkhimov was suspended for a game for being an instigator in a fight. A fight that started because the refs didn't call either a check from behind or cross-check that the Russian took.  When did getting an instigator become a suspendable thing? I missed that memo!

--Montreal in the NBA? I'm not a huge NBA fan, but I think basketball would go over well in Montreal.  A lot better than it did in Vancouver!  The building is there so if a deal can get done why not?  

--Access Communications is ditching the Boston channels and bringing back the Detroit ones. I don`t know the reasoning for it, but it means once again Bernie Smilovitz will be on TV`s throughout Saskatchewan. Those who had WDIV in Detroit when we first had the Detroit stations will know what this means.  The guy is/was an icon and he probably has never touched foot in this province. Welcome back Bernie!!

--That`s all I got.  Have a great weekend! 


SWC said...

"He, his coaching staff and the players are getting the job done. Can that be argued?"

Yes, it can be argued, unless you are happy with Stephen McAdoo's pop-gun offense.

Anonymous said...

No need to say Brees is third all time In pro football passing yards. He is the NFL all time passing yards record holder, no need to lump CFL numbers with his accomplishments. When Noah Picton set the U sports passing did anyone point out he was about 7500 or so yards behind Case Kennum for college football all time passing yards record?

Anonymous said...

The question in Edmonton should be what HC gets fired first. Maas or McLellan!

Anonymous said...

Finally, about time! Boston tv affiliates out the door at Access a great move as those stations have way too much news content interference and nausiating Patriots game coverage for the consumer dollar. Detroit more in line with regards to time zone broadcast. Bernie Smilovitz the legend is back.

Anonymous said...

SWC must be the president of the "I Hate Chris Jones" fan club.

Go crawl back under your rock!

Anonymous said...

Is Chuck Gaydka (sp) still the weather guy at WDiV?

Anonymous said...


"In Jones We Trust"

Anonymous said...

Chuck Gaidica retired from television weather news. Now Community Ambassador of Children Hospital Michigan Foundation. He also does pastorial work.

Anonymous said...

Sure glad SaskTel is keeping the Boston channels. SaskTel also did a nice broadcast Friday night of the Regina Rams game.

Anonymous said...

Tel will fall in line soon and return to Detroit affiliates. Access Communications also do a nice 11:00 pm broadcast each weekday night of High Impact Wrestling.


SWC said...

Writing this after the Winnipeg game;

So is everybody still happy with Stephen McAdoo's pop-gun offense?