Friday, October 19, 2018

This And That

--Welcome to Friday and the usual thoughts running through my muddled mind. As always, they come in no particular order.

--An interesting take from Brendan McGuire on Mike Reilly.  BMAC suggests the Riders should take a run at Mike Reilly once free agency starts and let Zach Collaros walk after just one year.  He then goes on to say that putting a lucrative package together to lure Reilly would hurt two Western Division rivals as BC will likely make a solid pitch in the QB's direction. . He's not wrong! Reilly has a history with Chris Jones.  They won a Grey Cup together in Edmonton. Could they do the same in Saskatchewan? Hmmmmmmm!!

 Its an interesting theory, and one I wouldn't discount.  I don't see Reilly's career continuing in Edmonton once this season is over and the odds-on favourite to land his services would be the Lions.  I guess we'll find out.

--We'll find out a lot about the Riders on Saturday.  After that horrific effort in Winnipeg last week, the team looks to rebound in Calgary.  When is the last time the Stamps lost two straight at home?  I think its safe to play the green-and-white will be better than they were last time out, but that isn't saying a lot.  Obviously, the offense has to get its act going, but they are a CFL best 7-3 in their last 10 so despite the fact the offense has been struggling this season, they have gotten the job done.  It won't surprise me to see Calgary win this one and I am expect them to, but the Riders will stand with Bo Levi and crew and trade punches with them.

--The Charleston Hughes impaired driving charge has people talking and for good reason.  Hughes made a could have been a horrific mistake. A mistake is a mistake though. If you get pulled over for impaired driving, do you lose your job?  Chances are you don't unless driving is a part of your job, but you will be reprimanded in some fashion.  The Riders are not seemingly going to do that which does raise some questions, but if the league took it out of the Riders hands which in my opinion they should be then this discussion wouldn't be taking place.

--How excited do you think TSN is at showing Toronto and Montreal this weekend?  Can't wait to see the ratings on that game!

--Someone at USports Canada needs to explain themselves.  How can the ineligible player at the U of R get his eligibility back, but the team still forfeits its three wins.  That makes no sense.  You either give the player back his eligibility and restore the wins or you don't give the player his eligibility and you don;t give the team back the wins.  Is it any wonder why so many consider the national body of University sports in this country a joke.  This isn't even Exhibit A.   The Rams have gotten screwed in this one.  It makes no sense at all.  None!

--How long has it been since NBC started doing Sunday Night Football?  I don't know the answer to that, but I don't think we have seen a better Sunday Night-Monday night pairing than what we saw with Kansas City-New England and San Francisco-Green Bay.  Both games that came right down to the last play with the home team getting a chip shot field goal for the win.  It's exactly what the networks and the league wants.

--Week 7 NFL Lock of the Week --- Atlanta over New York Giants
   Week 7 NFL Upset of the Week --- Jets over Vikings

--Connor McDavid is greater than Auston Matthews.  At least he is right now.   It made me laugh to hear Sidney Crosby say Connor is the best player in the world. I would have loved to heard Sid answer himself.  How would that have gone over?

--I'm sorry, but I just don't see the Toronto Raptors being a serious contender for a league title.  The team made some big moves in the off-season with the firing of Dwane Casey who could only take them so far and the trade of Demar DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard.  I just think that trade is going to do more harm than good for the Raptors.  I might feel differently if it had been Kyle Lowry who went.  The Raptors will be good, but are they good enough to beat Boston, Milwaukee or Philadelphia in the East.  Don't think so!

--Joe West is an awful umpire.  Why MLB had him in a league championship series is baffling.  His fan interference call in Game 4 of the ALCS is proof-positive that he needs to go away.

--That's all I got.  Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

CH DUI matter_
Only in Saskatchewan is a prevailing (davis/other) outside interference permitted to happen. Situations in professional sports happen all the time with each case evaluated, determined action accordingly to the organization. Sad fact - Law of the land, the judicial game starts upon arrest - you have the right to retain a lawyer with one phone call, 99.9 % advising dont blow the breathalizer. Without the reading how do you determine who is, who not over the legal limit, thats a court of law detetmination.

Anonymous said...

ALWAYS SOMETHING WITH RIDERVILLE, outside know it all interference. No wonder they only have 4 Grey Cups in a 100 plus year history. Currently 2nd place in the whole CFLeague, but they want to sabotage all accomplished to date and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Time for the CFL to scrap the archaic East, West Division format. Totally absurd a so called professional football league rewarding less than mediocre teams a guaranteed Division bye plus playoff games. Time for one Division across the board. Team playoff spots determined accordingly from best to worse.

Anonymous said...

Mike Reilly will be able to pick and choose where he goes to. I suggest he'll pick a team with some decent receivers. That leaves the Riders on the outside looking in.

Anonymous said...


Whatever happened to Randy Ambrosie? The once upon a time CFL Commissionaire.

Anonymous said...

USports has to be a subsiduary of the Disney corporation empire because it is run in a Mickey mouse manner. Nothing USports does makes any sense..