Friday, December 14, 2018

This And That

--Welcome to Friday and the usual thoughts running through my muddled mind. As always, they are in no particular order.

--Could Dave Dickenson be heading south of the border?  Sports Illustrated thinks he would make an excellent candidate.  In the weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column,  a list of "out-of-the-box" coaching candidates is made with Dickenson being #2 on the list.  The column by Conor Orr says

"The 2018 Grey Cup champion, hailing from Great Falls Montana, has reached the CFL  championship game every year of his head coaching tenure (2016–18), winning his first in November. The Stampeders are 41-11-2 in three seasons with Dickenson. The former Chargers, Seahawks and Dolphins quarterback is in the sweet spot, having played recently enough to have a grasp of today’s game, but far enough removed that he could bring some unique ideas to the table. Eye candy, or window dressing in CFL offenses is deadly when properly utilized. We’re seeing the beginning of that window-dressing revolution in the NFL. With all offensive coaches in the league studying the same film and, eventually, reaching the same conclusions, why not listen to someone who has been seeing football develop from a totally different perspective?

I can't argue this. If we are bringing coaches like Marc Trestman, Mike Sherman and June Jones to the CFL, can the NFL not look at CFL coaches like Dickenson?  Would any team notice what Chris Jones has done as a head coach and bring him on as a defensive co-ordinator.  You just never know.  I would love to see Dickenson get a shot south of the border.

--Now that they have a team, how long will Seattle wait before hiring a coach and general manager.  Plenty of names will be out there.  Could Todd McLellan be one of them?  The former Sharks and Oilers coach should be in the mix.  Just remember Gerard Gallant's career never really took off until he got to Vegas.  This could be what McLellan needs.  When it comes to who the GM might be, the choices are many but would the Seattles reach into the Vegas pot and take Kelly McCrimmon? The former Wheat Kings head honcho helped put his stamp on what we are seeing now in Vegas. If he could build a similar blueprint, why not?

--The dispersal draft for Seattle will be the same as it was for Vegas, but the Knights are supposedly excluded from having to protect players. ?????  They will have been in the league long enough.  You can't exempt them.  I don't find that to be fair at all.

--Considering what he did in junior, it would help the Seattle team tremendously if they could get Matt Barzal from the Islanders.  The team would have to give up a lot to get the former Seattle Thunderbird.  They might have a better chance at landing Ethan Bear.

--Peter Chiarelli is getting a lot of heat from Oilers fans (including me) for what has happened in Edmonton this year. Chiarelli-haters must give him credit though for inking Mikko Koskinen to a contract.  God knows where they would be if it weren't for him.

--Co-worker Ryan McNally is trying to tell me Topanga from "Boy Meets Girl" is wayyyyyy hotter than Kelly Kapowski from "Saved By the Bell".  I must remember when dealing with Mr. McNally that I am dealing with someone who has been concussed so much that his brain is like a jar of jam. Cmon McNally!  #teamkelly

--Week 15 NFL Lock Of The Week --  Seahawks over 49ers
--Week 15 NFL Upset Of The Week --- Colts over Cowboys

--As I said on Twitter this week, if the city of Regina wants to solve two problems at once, fill the Capital Pointe hole with water and call it Maple Leaf Pool 2.0.

--That's all I got.   Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Any CFL coach doing his thing in the NFL would be a huge failure IMO

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for the Oiler fans who can’t sit back and enjoy what has happened in Edmonton this year like being in a playoff spot playing really good hockey after the coaching change and still can’t let go their whining about Peter Chiarelli. Maybe these fans long for the days of Craig Mactavish or Tambellini as the Gm, or Ben Schrivenns as the goalie? The Oiler fans that whine about Chiarelli remind me of the Rider fans who whine about Chris Jones, I sometimes wonder if their cheer for their teams to fail so they can have something to whine about. I suppose it’s easier to complain then it is to sit back and appreciate what is going on.

Anon number 9

Anonymous said...

June Jone, Jerry Glanville good for the Canadian Football League, Mike Sherman not so much. Marc Trestman, got exposed, now he's gone.

Anonymous said...

It would cost an arm and a leg to get Barzal! Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

CFL in trouble if Mike Reilly signs with Jacksonville (former Argos Coach Scott Milanovich is the QB coach in Jacksonville, so he knows the CFL)