Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sharp's Shootout Goal Gives 10 Hawks Win Over 72 B's

The 10 Hawks are trying to keep within shouting distance of the 84 Oilers in the McLean Division. They get the two points after a shootout win over the 72 Bruins. Here's the boxscore.....

Game Summary
Period 1
2:3109-10 Blackhawks2 minute penalty on Cam Barker for holdingGame tied 0-0
9:1871-72 BruinsGoal scored by Phil Esposito assisted by Ken Hodge and Wayne Cashman71-72 Bruins 1-0
11:4171-72 Bruins2 minute penalty on Phil Esposito for hooking
2 minute coincidental penalty on Duncan Keith (09-10 Blackhawks) for diving
71-72 Bruins 1-0
13:2171-72 BruinsGoal scored by Mike Walton assisted by Reggie Leach and Garnet Bailey71-72 Bruins 2-0
14:5071-72 BruinsGoal scored by Ed Westfall assisted by Ken Hodge and Wayne Cashman71-72 Bruins 3-0
15:2509-10 BlackhawksGoal scored by Patrick Sharp assisted by Duncan Keith and Patrick Kane09-10 Blackhawks 1-3
Period 2
1:0871-72 Bruins2 minute penalty on Terry O'Reilly for closing hand on puck71-72 Bruins 3-1
7:2109-10 BlackhawksGoal scored by Troy Brouwer assisted by Andrew Ladd and Duncan Keith09-10 Blackhawks 2-3
9:0871-72 Bruins2 minute penalty on Wayne Cashman for delaying game71-72 Bruins 3-2
13:3909-10 BlackhawksGoal scored by Marian Hossa assisted by Niklas Hjalmarsson and Kris VersteegGame tied 3-3
14:5171-72 Bruins2 minute penalty on Derek Sanderson for holdingGame tied 3-3
17:1571-72 Bruins2 minute penalty on Dallas Smith for roughing
2 minute coincidental penalty on Jonathan Toews (09-10 Blackhawks) for roughing
Game tied 3-3
Period 3
2:3971-72 BruinsGoal scored by Carol Vadnais assisted by Ken Hodge and Ed Westfall71-72 Bruins 4-3
6:0271-72 Bruins2 minute penalty on Derek Sanderson for holding71-72 Bruins 4-3
16:3671-72 Bruins2 minute penalty on Carol Vadnais for cross check71-72 Bruins 4-3
18:0509-10 BlackhawksPowerplay - Goal scored by Patrick Sharp assisted by Patrick Kane and Tomas KopeckyGame tied 4-4
Period OT1
No scoring
Period OT2
0:0009-10 BlackhawksMarian Hossa (09-10 Blackhawks) faces Gerry Cheevers (71-72 Bruins) in Round 3 of the shootout! Marian Hossa comes up ice with a head of steam, goes to his backhand... it hits the twine -- GOAL!Game tied 4-4
Team Statistics
1971-72 Boston Bruins2009-10 Chicago Blackhawks
Goals Scored44
Shots On Goal2741
Shooting %14.89.8
Powerplay Scoring0/11/5
Shorthanded Scoring0/50/1
Powerplay %0.020.0
Penalty Killing %80.0100.0
Powerplay Minutes2:009:29
Penalty Shots0/01/0
Faceoffs Won33/6431/64
Empty Net Goals00
Time Of Possession32:5732:03
Shots By Period
1971-72 Boston Bruins10791027
2009-10 Chicago Blackhawks157154041
Player Statistics
LWWayne Cashman125:420:004:5030:32544023175.012
RWKen Hodge125:230:000:0025:234520310100.000
DDon Awrey018:070:006:1424:2150000000.000
DRick Smith018:070:006:1424:2150000000.000
CPhil Esposito023:290:000:0023:2945210111150.012
DDallas Smith019:250:483:1523:2868000000.012
DBobby Orr020:342:000:2823:0261400000.000
CMike Walton214:490:005:1820:07372106842.900
CDerek Sanderson-115:131:123:3820:0334100121152.224
DCarol Vadnais115:590:002:4718:4645410000.012
LWGarnet Bailey112:510:483:1516:5431201000.000
LWJohn Bucyk-114:580:001:2416:2231200000.000
RWEd Westfall114:501:120:0016:0236311000.000
RWReggie Leach112:090:000:0012:0920101000.000
RWTerry O'Reilly-18:232:000:0010:2318000000.012
RWJohn McKenzie03:000:000:093:0915000000.000
CIvan Boldirev00:150:480:351:383000000.000
LWFred Stanfield00:001:120:001:122000000.000
DDuncan Keith220:235:420:3826:4371502000.012
RWPatrick Kane016:059:290:0025:34463023633.300
LWPatrick Sharp013:389:292:0025:0745320010.000
DBrent Seabrook221:040:000:0021:0448200000.000
DBrian Campbell-214:153:471:2219:2450200000.000
DNiklas Hjalmarsson-117:470:000:0017:4730001000.000
DBrent Sopel-117:470:000:0017:4730100000.000
CJonathan Toews012:463:470:0016:33321008753.312
RWMarian Hossa011:550:002:0013:552241010100.000
DCam Barker-213:530:000:0013:5328000000.012
RWDustin Byfuglien-213:450:000:0013:4521000010.000
LWBen Eager-212:390:000:0012:3919000000.000
CColin Fraser-212:390:000:0012:39190003633.300
CJohn Madden012:330:000:0012:332050011664.700
LWKris Versteeg012:330:000:0012:3320401000.000
RWTroy Brouwer112:140:000:0012:1419510000.000
CAndrew Ebbett112:140:000:0012:14201005645.500
LWAndrew Ladd112:140:000:0012:1420401000.000
DKim Johnsson00:255:420:386:4522000000.000
RWTomas Kopecky00:255:420:026:0911101000.000
DJordan Hendry00:223:471:225:3120000000.000
1971-72 Boston Bruins Goaltending
Gerry Cheevers4143790.265:000:00
2009-10 Chicago Blackhawks Goaltending
Antti Niemi2742385.265:000:00
Three Stars
1. Patrick Sharp (Chicago)
2. Derek Sanderson (Boston)
3. Ed Westfall (Boston)

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