Friday, October 5, 2018

Ineligible Player Strips Rams Of Their Three Wins

FB: Regina forfeits 2018 games due to ineligible player

The University of Regina Rams football team has been stripped of three wins during the 2018 Canada West season due to an ineligible player, the conference announced Friday.

The ineligible player participated in all five of Regina's 2018 Canada West regular season games.
As per Canada West regulations, Regina forfeits all results in which the ineligible player participated, with games originally won by Regina now being recorded as 1-0 results for Regina’s opponents. The player's individual statistics will now be attributed to the team, while all other individual player statistics from the games will remain intact.

The forfeits result in Regina being stripped of three wins: Sept. 7 (51-13 win at Alberta), Sept. 14 (19-17 win vs. UBC), and Sept. 29 (32-31 win at UBC). The scorelines from the Rams' previous losses against Calgary (49-35 on Aug. 31) and Saskatchewan (33-20 on Sept. 21) remain intact.

University of Regina Athletics became aware of the ineligible player during the conference bye week. An oversight during Regina’s student-athlete intake and eligibility process over the summer led to the player competing this season. Regina has committed to a full review of their student-athlete intake and eligibility processes. The U SPORTS discipline panel will be setting parameters on any review and required structural changes.

“This is a heartbreaking situation for the student-athletes, coaches, members of the Rams organization, and the University of Regina community," said University of Regina Director of Sport, Community Engagement & Athlete Development Lisa Robertson. "The University will fully cooperate with U SPORTS as they review the situation. Additionally, we are launching an internal review of our student-athlete intake processes in order to minimize the risk of this happening again.”
A self-disclosure of the eligibility issue was submitted by U of R Athletics on October 4 to U SPORTS, which sets national eligibility regulations, after Regina discovered the student-athlete did not meet U SPORTS eligibility requirements.

U SPORTS may apply additional sanctions upon completion of its review process.
Due to Regina’s forfeiture of games, the Canada West standings have changed. The updated CW standings, as well as a list of Regina's forfeited wins, are listed below.


  • Friday, Sept. 7: originally a 51-13 win for Regina at Alberta
  • Friday, Sept. 14: originally a 19-17 win for Regina vs. UBC
  • Saturday, Sept. 29: originally a 32-31 OT win for Regina at Manitoba


TEAM / W-L / POINTS (change from previous standings)
  1. Calgary / 5-0 / 10 (no change)
  2. Saskatchewan / 3-2 / 6 (no change)
  3. Manitoba / 3-2 / 6 (+1 win, +1 in standings)
  4. Alberta / 2-3 / 4 (+1 win, +1 in standings)
  5. UBC / 2-3 / 4 (+1 win, +1 in standings)
  6. Regina / 0-5 / 0 (-3 wins, -3 in standings)


Unknown said...

This seems like an unreasonably harsh penalty for an oversight. Is there any means that fans can express their concern over this situation?

Anonymous said...

Last year they allowed a guy who had a conviction on his record. Now this happens. Something is going on at the U of R and that organization as a whole is a joke. Read Jordan Peterson's views on Left Wing Academia.

I am also thinking Steven Bryce will now be terminated as this is a should have or ought to have known situation.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or has U of R athletics become a complete gong show since Dick White left?

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like there was error in paperwork. That doesn't fall on Steve Bryce. Bryce has been a godsend to the Rams. I thought that team was in so much quicksand after the Mike Gibson debacle it would drown.

One has to wonder if it was an administrative error if there are others on other teams who may also be ineligible.

Anonymous said...

So just to make sure I have this right. The U of R hires a new AD. In that time, two programs have been axed and now this. What is happening? Am I missing something here? The Rams obviously have to take some blame here as well, but still. This is another black mark on Cougars Athletics.

Ashamed alumni

Kim K. said...

Talk about a death penalty. As a U of R alum living in Saskatoon I'm shocked. Gobsmacked. How could you miss this? Like...WTF!?!?!?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It has! (this is aimed at comment #3)

Another ashamed Cougar alumni

Anonymous said...

Anyone suggesting Steve Bryce be fired for this is simply an idiot!

As stated, this has nothing to do with the Rams, but the University. An administrative error was made. One which is very disastrous for the football team. Someone needs to answer for this, but to suggest that person be Steve Bryce simply has no clue.


Anonymous said...

In the words of Nelson......HAHA!

Anonymous said...

A clerical error costs the Rams their season? That sounds a little fishy to me. Can they appeal this?


Anonymous said...

Rick brings up a great point. Yes, a rule was broken, but it was broken because someone who isn't connected with the program made an error. There has to be an appeal process the team can go through.


Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!
Shannon nailed it! If only the authors of these articles would do a little factual work they could get to the bottom of this minor story and report it correctly. No big deal, whats done is done.

Anonymous said...

Dick White would never let what has happened over the last 12 months occur under his watch!

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with Steve Bryce, he is not at fault whatsoever here. He should be furious that his whole season is shot because of some moronic error.