Tuesday, November 6, 2012

84 Oilers Outscore 92 Penguins

One had to expect that a game featuring the likes of Gretzky, Lemieux, Messier, etc. etc would be a high scoring game and it was the Oilers came out on top by a score of 7-6. Here is the boxscore....

Period 1
1:3783-84 OilersKen Linseman shoots and scores on the rebound assisted by Raimo Summanen83-84 Oilers 1-0
4:4191-92 Penguins5 minute major on Jay Caufield for cross checking
10 minute game misconduct (ejection) on Jay Caufield
Jeff Chychrun is serving the penalty
91-92 Penguins 0-1
4:4783-84 OilersPowerplay - Goal scored by Glenn Anderson assisted by Paul Coffey and Mark Messier83-84 Oilers 2-0
7:5383-84 OilersPowerplay - Goal scored by Glenn Anderson assisted by Gord Sherven83-84 Oilers 3-0
7:5891-92 PenguinsShorthanded - Goal scored by Troy Loney assisted by Gordie Roberts and Bryan Trottier91-92 Penguins 1-3
8:3183-84 Oilers5 minute major on Dave Semenko (83-84 Oilers) for fighting
5 minute major on Troy Loney (91-92 Penguins) for fighting
83-84 Oilers 3-1
17:3183-84 Oilers2 minute penalty on Randy Gregg for unsportsmanlike conduct83-84 Oilers 3-1
Period 2
8:2891-92 PenguinsGoal scored by Bob Errey assisted by Mark Recchi and Larry Murphy91-92 Penguins 2-3
9:5983-84 Oilers2 minute penalty on Charlie Huddy for holding83-84 Oilers 3-2
12:5183-84 Oilers2 minute penalty on Dave Semenko for abuse of official83-84 Oilers 3-2
13:0091-92 PenguinsPowerplay - Mario Lemieux shoots and scores on the rebound assisted by Rick TocchetGame tied 3-3
14:3591-92 Penguins2 minute penalty on Bob Errey for holdingGame tied 3-3
16:2383-84 OilersPowerplay - Goal scored by Glenn Anderson assisted by Paul Coffey and Dave Semenko. *** Anderson gets a hat trick! ***83-84 Oilers 4-3
16:3983-84 OilersGoal scored by Wayne Gretzky assisted by Jari Kurri and Randy Gregg
Tom Barrasso is replaced by Wendell Young in the net.
83-84 Oilers 5-3
18:0991-92 Penguins2 minute penalty on Mark Recchi for cross check91-92 Penguins 3-5
Period 3
0:1291-92 Penguins2 minute penalty on Bryan Trottier for roughing
2 minute coincidental penalty on Don Jackson (83-84 Oilers) for roughing
91-92 Penguins 3-5
7:0391-92 PenguinsGoal scored by Kevin Stevens assisted by Mario Lemieux and Rick Tocchet91-92 Penguins 4-5
11:2691-92 Penguins2 minute penalty on Phil Bourque for roughing
2 minute coincidental penalty on Mark Messier (83-84 Oilers) for roughing
91-92 Penguins 4-5
14:1483-84 Oilers2 minute penalty on Kevin McClelland for holding83-84 Oilers 5-4
15:5691-92 PenguinsPowerplay - Goal scored by Mario Lemieux assisted by Phil Bourque Game tied 5-5
18:2283-84 OilersKevin Lowe shoots and scores on the rebound assisted by Charlie Huddy83-84 Oilers 6-5
19:0391-92 PenguinsGoal scored by Joe Mullen assisted by Larry Murphy and Phil BourqueGame tied 6-6
Period OT1
2:5291-92 Penguins2 minute penalty on Mario Lemieux for boardingGame tied 6-6
3:1291-92 Penguins2 minute penalty on Mark Recchi for unsportsmanlike conductGame tied 6-6
4:3083-84 OilersPowerplay(2) - Goal scored by Randy Gregg assisted by Wayne Gretzky83-84 Oilers 7-6
Team Statistics
1983-84 Edmonton Oilers1991-92 Pittsburgh Penguins
Goals Scored76
Shots On Goal5531
Shooting %12.719.4
Powerplay Scoring4/42/4
Shorthanded Scoring0/41/4
Powerplay %100.050.0
Penalty Killing %50.00.0
Powerplay Minutes10:265:51
Penalty Shots0/00/0
Faceoffs Won36/6832/68
Empty Net Goals00
Time Of Possession33:4730:43
Shots By Period
1983-84 Edmonton Oilers142115555
1991-92 Pittsburgh Penguins10912031
Player Statistics
DPaul Coffey-217:595:453:3927:2376502000.000
CWayne Gretzky-124:140:590:0025:1349811101441.700
RWGlenn Anderson-213:389:470:0023:253912304180.000
RWJari Kurri-122:560:000:0022:5641401000.000
LWJaroslav Pouzar-322:170:000:0022:1738200000.000
CMark Messier-112:435:253:3921:4736801121348.012
DDon Jackson013:094:413:3921:2958000000.012
DRandy Gregg115:385:450:0021:2352311000.012
LWDave Semenko111:494:483:3020:0736101000.027
DCharlie Huddy014:594:410:0019:4048401000.012
DKevin Lowe117:210:002:1219:3344410000.000
DLee Jr. Fogolin-217:200:002:1219:3248000000.000
LWRaimo Summanen110:464:020:0014:4827101000.000
CKen Linseman210:430:002:1212:552321010190.900
RWKevin McClelland210:590:000:1111:1020100000.012
LWDave Hunter01:590:372:214:579000000.000
CGord Sherven-10:034:020:004:057001030.000
CMario Lemieux124:083:484:4032:3655921201655.612
DGordie Roberts017:042:034:4923:5664101000.000
DGrant Jennings115:522:035:3723:3262100000.000
DUlf Samuelsson-116:560:005:3722:3360000000.000
DLarry Murphy116:033:480:0019:5148102000.000
DPaul Coffey015:223:480:0019:1048300000.000
RWMark Recchi-116:242:030:2018:47322011150.014
RWJoe Mullen017:090:000:3717:4627210010.000
RWRick Tocchet113:093:480:0517:0230302000.000
CBryan Trottier111:240:004:0815:32231017943.812
DPeter Taglianetti015:060:000:0015:0634000000.000
LWBob Errey-111:092:030:3613:4824210000.012
CRon Francis-111:002:030:4113:44262004930.800
LWPhil Bourque011:120:000:0011:1218002000.012
DKjell Samuelsson10:030:004:494:5216100000.000
LWTroy Loney10:030:004:084:117210000.015
RWJay Caufield00:560:000:000:562000000.0215
1983-84 Edmonton Oilers Goaltending
Grant Fuhr3162580.664:300:00
1991-92 Pittsburgh Penguins Goaltending
Tom Barrasso3252784.436:390:00
Wendell Young2322191.327:510:00
Three Stars
1. Glenn Anderson (Edmonton)
2. Mario Lemieux (Pittsburgh)
3. Mark Messier (Edmonton)

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