Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Finalists Are......

The CFL has released the finalists for league end awards to be handed out Grey Cup week in Toronto.

They are

MOST OUTSTANDING: Jon Cornish (Cgy)/Chad Owens (Tor)
TOP CANADIAN: Jon Cornish (Cgy)/Shea Emry (Mtl)
TOP DEFENSIVE PLAYER: JC Sherritt (Edm)/Shea Emry (Mtl)
TOP LINEMAN: Jovon Olafoiye (BC)/Josh Bourke (Mtl)
TOP ROOKIE: Jabar Westerman (BC)/ Chris Matthews (Wpg)
SPECIAL TEAMS: Tim Brown (BC)/Chris Williams (Ham)


Anonymous said...

The Riders will play as a team and win the Grey Cup - way better than individual awards.

Anonymous said...

So every team in the league has one finalist except for the Riders. What a crock of you know what!

Anonymous said...

Public enemy 1 vs public enemy 2 for Top Canadian. Its embarassing that those two clowns are considered the best, especially Emry!

Anonymous said...

Every team in the league has a finalist except for the Riders. WHy doesn't this surprise me!