Sunday, November 25, 2012

Something To "Mitch" About

--Congratulations to the Toronto Argonauts. That was a dominating performance as they take Grey Cup 100 or Grey Cup “C” in convincing fashion beating the Stampeders 35-22.

Just some thoughts on what happened on the Rogers Centre turf:

--If no one knew who Chad Kackert was before, they do now!

--How would the game have been different had Calgary scored a touchdown after the early interception thrown by Ricky Ray. The whole complexion of the game would have changed dramatically. That being said, Toronto probably still wins.

--You wonder what Ricky Ray is really thinking after being traded by the Eskimos.

--What is the mood in Edmonton today?

--What is going through Eric Tillman’s mind?

--Now that the season is over, one has to wonder what the story would have been tonight had Ray remained in Edmonton. That's for someone else to decipher!

--No team implodes better than the Calgary Stampeders.

--Keon Raymond, you are no Ray Lewis. That was terrible!

--I’d have been OK with Johnny Reid changing spots with the Beebs and Carly Rae. Then again, it gave me a chance to check out the NFL game. I’m really not sure what the idea was in bringing bubblegum pop and an old relic together for the halftime show, but what’s done is done.

--By everything I have heard, organizers in Toronto did a helluva job in getting everything in conjunction with this week done. It raises the bar high for Neil Donnelly and the crew he has set up in Regina for Grey Cup 101 festivities, but knowing Neil, it will be. One thing that I don’t know if Donnelly and crew can duplicate is the Grey Cup relay. The idea of having the Grey Cup carried by fans from the sight of the 1st Grey Cup to the Rogers Centre was just a tremendous idea. I would love to see something like that happen in the Rider Nation next year.

--If the Riders get to Grey Cup 101, would they allowed to come out to “Bring em out, Bring em out, Bring em out”.  I’m thinking the answer is no. Speaking of which, BC won at home in 2011 and Toronto won at home in 2012 so I think its safe to say that the Rider Nation is hoping for the Triple Crown.

----In 2010, it was Saskatchewan vs Montreal. In 2011, it was Winnipeg vs B.C. In 2012, it was Calgary-Toronto. That means if 2013 sees Edmonton-Hamilton in the final that all eight teams will have been in the big game over a 4 year span. I can’t see that matchup occurring at Mosaic, but this is the CFL.

--Say what you will about TSN and their coverage of the CFL, but their coverage this weekend was simply outstanding. I don’t know what the future plans of the CFL on TV are, but I hope the Grey Cup stays on TSN for a long time. The introduction to the game by Chris Cuthbert was simply legendary.

--The sight of Doug Flutie throwing the ball around with Dave Dickenson was great.  If you could go back to the playground days, have Flutie quarterback both teams and lets go.

--Considering Drew Tate has a hard time staying healthy, would the Stampeders be better served to trade Tate in the off-season and keep Kevin Glenn with Bo Levi Mitchell in the wings or do they let Glenn go after he leads them to the Grey Cup. I wonder how that scenario will paint itself out. I am guessing the Stamps could get a pretty good price for Tate from Winnipeg. 

--Congratulations to Montreal Gazette Alouettes writer Herb Zurkowsky who was named the Football Reporters of Canada reporter of the year. That’s a fine choice. Congratulations also as well to the Calgary Herald’s Al Cameron. I’m guessing Sunday was perhaps his last assignment for the Herald seeing he has taken on a communications position with the Canadian Curling Association. He will flourish in that position.

--A man wearing a horsehead was in attendance at High Impact Wrestling Friday night (no it was not Vanstone). Was that seen in Toronto walking down Front Street or in Riderville?

--How was Riderville? Never mind, I think I know. That and the Spirit of Edmonton are always the places I hit when I go to Grey Cups.

--Is the Vanier Cup going to be played at Mosaic next year? If it is, when was that announcement made because I missed it!

--Should Ottawa’s CFL franchise consider Laval’s Glen Constantin or MacMaster’s Stefan Ptaszek as a head coaching candidate? Why not?

--I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Why isn’t CTV Regina’s Lee Jones, who once again did a fantastic job covering the sidelines for Rider games and CIS games for TSN including the Vanier Cup, working for the network full time.

--Sign of the night at Rogers Centre. The CFL—celebrating 100 years of the Grey Cup and no lockouts!

--So much for helping out the kids college fund with my bet on the Stampeders on I should have known better. Perhaps when your heart isn't really behind the team you are picking, it shows. Congrats to any of you who took my bet and won. I know I lost to one guy named "Ballin Chad". SIGHHHH!!!!

--I have no problem whatsoever with Commissioner Marc Cohon handing out the Grey Cup, but when hockey returns, I don’t think it would be right for Gary Bettman to award the Stanley Cup. He might get a two-handed across the shins. Then again, that would be entertaining would it not?

--Having Notre Dame and Ohio State as unbeaten teams in US college football is a real nut-punch to those who root for “Mitch”igan. At least those two teams won’t play in the national championship.

--Have you resigned yourself to the fact that there will be no NHL this year?

--53 centimetres of snow in November. Isn’t that just peachy---especially if you don’t have a snowblower!!

--I’m assuming Alex Smith may have played his last down with the 49ers barring injury to Colin Kaepernick.
--The Seahawks are screwed without Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman if their four game drug suspension goes through. NICE!!! I’m sure Tom Brady will send Sherman a sympathizing text.

--What are the odds that Chad Owens throws out the ceremonial first pitch at the Blue Jays home opener?

--How exactly do you draw a blank?

--I'll be in the Cage at 5 o'clock and if for some reason Rod is delayed from Toronto, I'll be sitting in the host's chair. I wonder what we'll discuss! Talk to ya then!

--Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

Anything that Donnelly and company come up for halftime will be better than what we saw yesterday. Who approved that? It was the only black mark on what appears to be a great week. Yes, I hope this win makes Toronto relevant again in the eyes of the GTA.


Anonymous said...

Calgary came out dancin and foolin around while Toronto came out all business. It showed! Seeing Calgary start yellin and screamin at one another at the end was not surprising.

Anonymous said...

50 plus centimetres of snow and yet Regina crews still sit on their wallet while we drive on icy, rutted roads. Foughere needs to have a little chat with his snow removal team about doing a better job.

Anonymous said...

If the CFL wanted Bieber and Jepsen so badly, why put them on halftime when there were so many other places they could have put them. A bizarre choice!
Did you see Burton Cummings screw up the anthem?


Steve said...

I think Winnipeg is looking at BC's current backup who is becoming a free agent - Mike Reilly. He looks to be the hottest ticket this off-season.

@mrt_man said...

Jeez, everybody always hates on the half time show... So what if it wasn't only a bunch of other old geezers up there, who could play 20 years ago... I am not a Bieber fan either, but is having an artist that someone under 30 might actually listen to really that bad of an idea?

Anonymous said...

When Raymond did his little Ray Lewis imitation, I hoped right there and then that Calgary would get their butts handed to them. Anon 2 says it best, Calgary came out dancing and fooling around while Toronto came out all business. It did show. Congrats to the Argos and here's hoping the Riders make it three in a row for home teams next year.

Anonymous said...

If Edmonton and Hamilton meet in the Grey Cup next year, I will a G-string to the game. Nobody wants to see that!

Anonymous said...

I guess the Argos knew what they were doing when they got rid of Boyd.

Anonymous said...

Regina snow removal has always been terrible. Until someone wakes up and devises a plan, like I don't know---doing something preventative before a snowstorm hits, it will always be this way. For all the positives that people talk about when it comes to Rgina over the last decade, snow removal is one huge negative.


Anonymous said...

I can see Glenn becoming Ottawa's quarterback. I can't see Tate going anywhere. Edmonton might make a pitch for Reilly too seeing Nichols is hurt and you have to think Montreal wants a young QB ready to go as well since AC's days are ticking down.

peter dalla riva

Mike from Vita, MB said...

Too bad your blog allows 4 anonymous comments. That feature is cowardly.