Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Celebration In Rider Nation--GC 101 Details Revealed

Saskatchewan Roughriders President/CEO Jim Hopson, who also serves as Co-Chair of the Grey Cup Organizing Committee, officially launched the 101st Grey Cup to be held in Saskatchewan November 24th, 2013.

Hopson also unveiled the 101st Grey Cup Festival logo and theme “Celebration in Rider Nation” at a kick-off party held at the Agribition Building on Thursday evening.

“The theme of Celebration in Rider Nation was chosen because it encapsulates the festivities that will take place throughout the year, culminating in November and invites all CFL fans to join the fun,” stated Hopson.

Hopson also discussed the demand for Grey Cup 101 tickets. Current Rider season ticket holders now have the opportunity to renew their 2013 season tickets and to purchase their seat(s) for the Grey Cup game. 2013 season tickets will go on sale to the general public in February of 2013, while individual Grey Cup tickets go on sale to the general public in June of 2013.

Fans also received an exclusive first look at the Grey Cup 101 Festival merchandise which is now on sale at the Rider stores in Regina and Saskatoon, along with the web store at

Co-Chair of the Grey Cup 101 Festival Committee Mark Stefan also unveiled the new Grey Cup 101 Festival website at

“This website, along with our new Facebook page
 and twitter account @101GreyCup will be the easiest ways for fans to get information on the events surrounding next year’s festivities,” stated Stefan.

Over 200 volunteers on 20 sub-committees are currently planning activities and events that will take place across the province throughout the entire year. It is estimated over 3000 volunteers will be required to stage the events. An official call for volunteers will take place in the spring of 2013.


Anonymous said...

Have to say that I hate the “Celebration in Rider Nation” slogan. It’s exactly the pompous chest pounding that the rest of the CFL has become tired of hearing.

Rider Nation floats the CFL, but the slogan should be more embracing of everyone. The "Huddle up in Saskatchewan” was still the best

Anonymous said...

Within the first 5 minutes they got around to telling everyone that the new souvenirs were for sale at the right of the stage. I'm getting sick and tired of seeing Hopson with his hand out.

Anonymous said...

Gotta laugh at the first two comments on here Mitch. Even with a Grey Cup coming, people have got nothing better to do but bitch, moan and complain. Its so Saskatchewan!! That should have been the theme. "Bitchin, Moanin and Complainin Our Way to the Cup".

As for the 2nd comment, people were clamouring to be the first to have GC 101 souvenirs. If there weren't anything at the cabaret, people would have bitched (see paragraph 1).

The negativism in this province is just unreal.


Anonymous said...

Darren; I'll put my new wardrob on hold until the Riders demonstrate they want to win. I've got a whole closet full of Green from the Austin/Miller years but nothing lately. Three years to find a DE is a joke. BB

Anonymous said...

BB, I am amazed at how well you can type when your head is stuffed firmly up your ass. Go cheer for someone like the Eskimos or Tiger-Cats that have their houses in order. Its people like you that give the fanbase a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Well said Darren. The expectations that some have for this organization is just over the top. While others just pick away at every little thing that they do. I'd love to see some of these clowns try and run the organization. We'd be worse off than Winnipeg!


Anonymous said...

The ride on the gravy train continues for Rider management.They just get back from a 5 star excursion and now mardi gras style party. Running the scoreboard continuous at Mosaic, later to be shut down. Give It a break for awhile with this over saturated market and expenditures, at least a one month break for family, Xmas and reflection. 2013 will be a time of celebration with the Grey Cup visit. Some will only be too glad when all Is said and done this time next year. Roughriders starting to get on people's nerves with their constant hands out.

Anonymous said...

Shannon; The Riders will be worse off then the Winnipeg CFLeague franchise.The Blue Bombers will be moving Into a world class venue/facility which will be the envy of the CFL and beyond. Addressing pertinent coaching personnel Issues In timely fashion always a good move for planning next seasons on field product with the Blue Bombers having already started the process, something the Roughriders always fail to do until the last minute and the result Is yet another losing frustrating CFL campaign to add Into the history books. sorry, but that's the reality In Saskatchewan.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon #1, people really are getting tired of hearing about the Roughriders and "some" of their pompous classless fanbase who came out In full force on every blog In Canada and beyond prior to and after the Grey Cup festivities for all the world to see and read, and still continue to give credence to classless opinion. Negativity and childlike comments were, and are unreal from "some" In this province to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Can one of you anti-Riders idiots enlighten me? This team is making money now and you hate it? You hate the celebration in Rider Nation slogan, yet when thousands of Canadians show up here to party they will be celebrating in Saskatchewan or what is known as the Rider Nation. The stupidity factor is over the top with some of you clowns. Go root for Winnipeg or Calgary or Edmonton if you hate the Riders so much.

If it wasn't for Hopson, we would still have a "gangsta" mentality kicking around this club with Shivers and Barrett. With the exception of one year, this team has been a GC contender every year since Hopson came on board. The only black mark was the hiring of Greg Marshall and that can be pinned on Ken Miller.

If you don't want to support the Riders, so be it. The constant anti-Rider rhetoric and the stupid reasoning beyond that is comical.

Darren, you hit the nail right on the head with your comments.


Anonymous said...

" Que Sera Sera "