Friday, November 2, 2012

Rams Off To Hardy Cup Final

On a snowy night at Mosaic Stadium, the University of Regina Rams beat the University of Saskatchewan Huskies 31-9 in a Canada West football semi-final.

In what might have been his last game on the Taylor Field turf that his grandfather, the great Ron Lancaster once patrolled, Marc Mueller threw for 393 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Rams to victory.

The Rams will now meet either Calgary or Manitoba in the Hardy Cup final. If the Bisons can upset the Dinos, the game will go next weekend at Mosaic Stadium. If the Dinos win, it will be a pair of Regina-Calgary matchups at MacMahon Stadium next weekend.


Anonymous said...

Mueller was unbelievable in those conditions. Buck with some big catches and the D made the big plays. Bring on Calgary!

Anonymous said...

If the CFL is getting its refs from the CIS, don't look for an improvement anytime soon. Horrible work by the stripes!

Anonymous said...

Great job Rams! Stuff it Huskies!

Anonymous said...

anyone know what the attendance was last night at the rams game? i was there, but don't remember them annoucing it. It seemed like a decent crowd, but hard to tell.