Thursday, November 29, 2012

This And That

December has arrived. 2012 is just about history. Is it just me or has this year flown by? As is usual on a Friday morning, here are just some random thoughts as we go into the weekend.

--The Josh Harding-MS story has me down. I hope the former Pats goalie, who I think is the best netminder I have ever seen wearing the Pats jersey, can beat this and have a successful NHL career. The odds are stacked against him, but if anyone can kick MS into the corner the way he kicks slappers into the corner with his pads, it will be Harding.  I got to know Josh during his years with the Pats and I’ve seen him just about every summer including last year when he was home doing his thing for the Sticks on Rose hockey tournament. The guy exudes class and the fact he has been dealt this card is just not right. I admire his courage and his stance that he will beat this.  If anyone will, it will be Josh.

--For those going Ed Staniowski was the best Pats goalie ever, I won’t argue with that, but I was only a small child when Staniowski was doing his thing. That being said, I’ll still go with Josh.

--After Staniowski and Harding, who would be 3rd on best goalies list. It wouldn’t be Donald Choukalos, that’s for sure. Chad Mercier?

--The Pats will be home quite a bit over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, Regina has seen that this team is playing its tail off again and will get out there and cheer them on. I am also hoping Wednesday’s game against Red Deer in which Jordan Eberle gets his number retired will be sold out.

--Is it just me or are Regina streets and parking lots a lot more slippery this year? I saw an elderly gentleman just about bite it in the Superstore parking lot. Thankfully he didn’t.

--The grocery store at the east-end Walmart has certainly impacted business at the other area grocery stores. Superstore was virtually empty the other night. I’m not and never have been a big Superstore guy, but sometimes a guy has to go there to get what is needed. It was nice to go, find what was needed and get out without having to wait for a while.

--Nothing against the Galaxy or Southland Cinemas, but I wish east end Regina had a movie complex.

--The Hamilton Tiger-Cats had one of the worst defenses in recent memory, yet the Winnipeg Blue Bombers wanted TiCats DC Casey Creehan to join them in the same category. ???????

--Is it just me or is Jim Barker not getting the credit he deserves for building the Argos into a Grey Cup champion?

--The Ottawa whatevers are not going to be a pushover in year 1 of their existence.  As mentioned in an earlier posting, Arash Madani of Sportsnet/Sportscage fame has given details of the expansion draft to fill the roster of the 9th CFL team. With existing teams allowed to protect 6 Canadians and 10 Americans, there will be a lot of talent to pick and choose from. Take a look at the Rider roster and play GM with what 6 Canadians and 10 imports you would protect.  Take a look at any roster and try it for that matter.  Thankfully, one team can’t get completely raided as the most they can lose is three players. However, that will still mean holes need to be filled meaning a teams depth will be challenged.

--Let me get this straight. The Riders were asked to remove the burning log from the video screens because people thought the stadium was on fire. Who in their right mind would think that? I guess Access won’t be able to have their burning log channel now for fear of nosy neighbours peering in the window and thinking the house is on fire. What a non-story! What a joke! CMON MAN!

--Rod Pedersen is in Dallas on his Sportscage trip. I thought about making that trip because I would have liked to seen the Oilers and Stars in Dallas, but when the lockout talk first started, I had a feeling that game would never come to fruition. I’m not a Cowboys fan, but touring that stadium would be cool as would the field goal kicking contest that got arranged. I’ve told RP I want to see a pic of him with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Why won’t I be surprised if I see one!

--What’s with the NFL Network’s Mike Mayock slamming the Regina Rams’ jersey and helmet combination on the Thursday night game while talking about Akiem Hicks!  For those that didn’t see, he called the combo ugly.  I'm thinking Mr. Mayock might be getting some sort of correspondence from U of R Sports Information Officer (and overall good dude) Braden Konschuh.

--Congratulations to Jacksonville Jaguar and former Rider John Chick. He's been nominated for an Ed Block award. The story behind that can be found right here. 

--The number one jersey being sold by the NFL belongs to Redskins QB Robert Griffin III. The 8th best selling jersey is Tim Tebow. Who seriously wants a Tebow jersey? He’s done or close to it.

--Could we see a preview of the national womens basketball final Saturday night in Regina? The numbers 2 and 3 team in the country will meet when the University of Fraser Valley takes on the Cougars in a 615 start at the CKHS. It will be a dandy!

--Congratulations to Heather Anderson, Rustie Dean, Scott McLean and the rest of those involved in theGlobal Regina morning show as they celebrated their one year anniversary this week. Most mornings, Heather and crew is how I start my day.

--Can someone tell me again why some in Moose Jaw didn't want Mosaic Place to be built? The city has had many first-class events go through since the building opened and on Friday, it was announced Carrie Underwood will perform there this May. There is no way Mrs. Mike Fisher would set foot in Moose Jaw if that facility wasn't there. The job Scott Clark and his crew are doing to attract these events to Moose Jaw is unbelievable.

--This might be my favourite story of the week. How the hell do ya lose the coin toss that many weeks in a row? I’m voting tails. Always take tails!
--Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

The Riders defence has never been the same since John left. His NFL career has seemingly stagnated. He has some good years left and should come home.

Anonymous said...

Carrie Underwood and Alice Cooper in Moose Jaw in the same calendar year. MJ is getting better concerts than Regina now.

Anonymous said...

What's so ugly about the Rams helmet and jersey? Has Mayock ever discussed the look of the Oregon Ducks?

Anonymous said...

Donald Choukalos. One of many terrible trades that were (or weren't made) during the Brent Parker/GM days.

Anonymous said...

I always got a kick out of Pats goalie Dustin Slade. You never knew when he would loose his cool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the story on John Chick. I also enjoyed the comment section where someone said, 'The only chick I like who can bench 350.'

Anonymous said...

Harding is the best goalie I've seen in my 30 years. I still contend that if he had played in the Mem Cup that the Pats win. Alas, he was one year too late.


Anonymous said...

Pederson is too drunk to blog so I had to come here today. HA HA!!

Anonymous said...

Great article on Chick!

Anonymous said...

The Rider/firelog story is extremely stupid, but here is a question. Why is the scoreboard and that even on right now. Isn't that a big waste of power? Would the city for that and in turn, would we pay for that as taxpayers? Hmmmmmmmm!!!!

Anonymous said...

Remember, Riders are profitable and can spend community monies anyway management deems accountable and appropriate, Not !