Thursday, November 15, 2012

This And That

A weekly collection of thoughts going through my muddled brain.

--When did Drew Tate break his arm and does that make the Riders loss hurt just a little more knowing Tate threw that pass to Romby Bryant with a broken arm.

--Is Tate becoming the next Buck Pierce? The guy just can't stay healthy it would seem.

--Are you in the camp that Tate didn't suffer a broken arm at all, but that the injury is concussion-related?

--Nik Lewis is just stupid! There’s no other reason for what he did. He didn’t even apologize for it saying the only thing he regrets is that the league is taking money from him.

--Am I the only one hoping the Lions just stomp on the Stampeders.  I don’t think I am.

--Is it safe to say Taylor Swift’s career will come to an end as soon as she gets married?

--Gary Bettman has suggested the two sides in the lockout take a two week break. That’s what everyone wants to hear.

--The two best players for the Miami Dolphins in their loss to Buffalo Thursday night were ex B.C Lion Cam Wake and ex Ti-Cat and one time Rider Marcus Thigpen.

--I don’t know if Odell Willis will get an NFL opportunity, but one has to think Tyron Brackenridge will.

--If Darian Durant was 6’2 instead of 5’11, would he have gotten another NFL opportunity?

--MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is reviewing the Jays-Marlins trade. Why? Many a team have traded players for prospects. If Selig rejects this trade, it will open up a huge can of worms.

--Sportsnet’s Jamie Campbell and Gregg Zaun were in Regina on Thursday as Zaun looks for a venue for his 2013 Grey Cup bash. I’m thinking Zaun would be a great guy to have a beer or two with.

--I have been accused by two people over the past week and a half of being grumpy and surly. Me?? What reason would I have to be grumpy and surly!

--Kudos to the provincial government for honoring our Olympians and Paralympians in the provincial legislature on Thursday.  Any recognition they get is great!

--If you are in Regina this Friday or Saturday night, go to the Co-Operators Centre and check out the Cougar mens  hockey team as they take on number one ranked Alberta. The Cougar men are off to their best start in years.

--I can’t wait to see GSP step back into the octagon Saturday night.

--Dear TSN. Stop showing old Team Canada successes. There has to be other programming you can find. While you're at it, there is no need for "That's Hockey" right now either. 

--We have the NFL Network, the NHL Network, Raptors TV, the Golf Channel and SPEED, yet we can't get the MLB Network on our cable package. There is something so wrong with that. 

--Regina born Jon Ryan is 2nd amongst punters in the NFC when it comes to Pro Bowl voting. Surely, us Reginans and Canadians can get Ryan over the top. Vote right here

--Is it safe to say that I hope we see no more snow in Regina this winter. That snowfall last week was enough thank you very much. 

-- Sarcasm: confusing stupid people and pissing off idiots everywhere!

Have a great Rider-free weekend! Its the first of many until June ya know!


Anonymous said...

Tate is a long ways from entering the Buck Pierce territory and yes, put me down as one who doesn't think he has a broken arm but a concussion.

Anonymous said...

Damn rights Tate has a concussion. If he would have kept his mouth shut Sunday, he would have been playing this week. The Stampeders should be ashamed of themselves. If he truly has a broken arm, lets see some x-rays.


Anonymous said...

By looking at the pics Pederson has on his blog, I think you would want to do more than have just a couple of beers with Zaun. The guy looks like a party animal.

Anonymous said...

Isn't what the Marlins did basically what the Red Sox did with Gonzalez and Beckett do the Dodgers? If Selig overturns this trade, some serious questions will have to be asked.


Anonymous said...

You're just figuring out now Nick Lewis is stupid! Get a new bus schedule Scruffy!

Anonymous said...

If Tate does have a crack in his bone that didn't show up in x-rays, and only in later MRI/CT scans, I have a really hard time believing that it will take 5-6 weeks to heal, as I had read. many different kinds of breaks, I suppose, but I smell something fishy....

Hound Dog

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more on the TSN thing.

Anonymous said...

The whole Tate thing is fishy. I have to wonder if Cohon is investigating this.