Monday, November 19, 2012

Something To "Mitch" About

It will be the Calgary Stampeders and the Toronto Argonauts in the 100th Grey Cup. Sorry, but that matchup leaves me less than enthralled.  I could have gone for the storyline of the B-C repeat or Anthony Calvillo adding to his legacy, but I get stuck with Calgary and Toronto. A team that I'm not crazy about against a team that is well---Toronto. The NFL Sunday niter has the Giants and Packers going at it. When the Beebs comes on, I will be changing it to that and I may not turn it back.

All I saw of the divisional finals was the last half of the Western final as I was working at the Cougars basketball game. I have no idea what the flow of the game was in Montreal, but oh Brian Bratton---YOU GOTTA CATCH THAT BALL!!!! That one might hurt Montreal fans more than the Rider loss crushed Saskatchewan fans.

I was on record as saying I believed Calgary was lucky to win the amount of games they did because four of them came down to the last play with Edmonton botching two field goals, Hamilton one and Kavis Reed allowing Rene Paredes a second chance at success after calling a time out to try and freeze him. I didn't think Calgary was any better than the Riders. The Stamps beat the Lions in their house in the big game so I guess they are better than the Riders. Oops!

I didn't think that all-star BC secondary that consists of Phillips, Parker, Marsh and Banks would be their weakness, but it was.

Is Drew Tate going to come out on Wednesday and say his "broken arm" has healed and that he is going to start in the Grey Cup?

I'm guessing the big story will be how Kevin Glenn couldn't play in the big game the last time it was Rogers Centre, but he is there now. Again, yip with an e. I don't care.

The funniest moment of the weekend came Saturday afternoon at the CKHS. The Cougar mens basketball team was playing Manitoba. I am doing the public address announcing and on the other side of the court is an elderly gentleman slumped down in his chair as the game went on. At first, I thought maybe something was wrong but the person sitting beside him seemed to have no worry. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the oldtimer decided it was time to have an afternoon nap. He had to have nodded off for at least 15 minutes before awakening feeling quite embarassed. I would have loved to have seen someone try to save the ball by his seat and go running past him or perhaps over him. WHO FALLS ASLEEP AT A BASKETBALL GAME WHEN SITTING COURTSIDE???

Sympathies go out to all of those who knew Bobby Corman. I brought you Bobby's story a couple of weeks ago on this blog. His story was quickly captured by a lot of people and if you heard the last Touchdown Club with Michael Ball and myself, Ballsy caught up to him and had a good interview with him. I was deeply saddened to hear late Friday night that Corman's cancer battle had gotten the best of him and that he passed away. If the Riders had made the Grey Cup, he wouldn't have seen it, but at least he saw the Riders play their last game.  I never met Bobby, but he seemed like a real character and someone I would have warmed up to. RIP Bobby!

I knew it before, but it was reinforced Saturday night. Montrealers and Canadians love Georges St. Pierre.

The Bell Centre may never have been louder when GSP stepped out for his fight against Carlos Condit in the UFC 154 main event. What a fight it was. Perhaps the best fight I have ever seen in UFC. It was a beauty. If you are a UFC fan and if you watched the card Saturday night, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Would the Toronto Blue Jays attempt to steal some Grey Cup thunder by presenting their newest acquisitions to the Toronto media this week. It would be low of the baseball team to do such a thing, but they have every right to.

There is a lot of excitement in Jaysville about the trade that brought Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle to Toronto and I understand that. I also understand there is some excitement over the free agent signing of Melky Cabrera, but I have to wonder what type of teammate Cabrera is. After all, this is a guy that never apologized to his teammates after getting a 50 game suspension and this is a guy that the World Series champs didn't bring back when that suspension had been served. Is he going to be a good fit? This being said, the 2013 Jays should be much better than the 2013 Cubs.

I didn't think I would ever say this, but I will be cheering for USC Saturday night when they meet Notre Dame. The Irish in the US College Football national championship game? That's enough to nauseate this "Mitch"igan fan who of course has no time for Notre Dame. That being said, the losses by Kansas State and Oregon Saturday night means Alabama gets back into the title picture and as I've stated before, I'm no Nick Saban fan. An Alabama-Notre Dame national championship game would appeal to me less than a Calgary-Toronto Grey Cup.

One of my fantasy football teams had me choosing between Atlanta's Matt Ryan and Washington's Robert Griffin III as to who my starting quarterback would be. Ryan threw 5 INT's while Griffin threw 4 TD's. Who did I choose???? Of course, I went with Ryan. ARRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

If Cleveland beats Dallas, Jason Garrett would have lost his job as Cowboys coach before suppertime.

The Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans are tied for the NFL's best record. Both teams certainly played to their potential yesterday didn't they. That was some ugly football those two teams played, but they got the victory and that is all that matters.

So much for the Colts nice story as Brady and the Patriots slapped them back into reality.

When should I start doing some Christmas shopping?

When did Gene Makowsky become comfortable when being interviewed? The soon to be CFL hall of famer wasn't a bad interview when he played for the Riders, but he just never seemed comfortable. I saw him previewing the CFL division finals with the iconic Don Hewitt and Lindsay Dunn from CTV on their morning show Friday and he looked like a seasoned vet. I am guessing the media training he has taken since becoming an MLA has worked tremendously. Good job Geno!!

The story in the Weekender (Saturday's Leader Post) about the Edmonton man who is a dumpster diver was just disturbing. The guy says he goes dumpster diving and finds hair care products for his girlfriend. If that doesn't say love, what does ladies and gentlemen?

That's all I got. Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

I'm OK with Toronto beating Montreal, but I wanted Calgary OUT. I'll be watching and hoping Toronto wins by 20. Sadly, I don't think I'll be right.

Anonymous said...

A 9-9 team is playing in the Grey Cup at Rogers Centre. Hmmmmmmmmm. I've seen that scenario before.


Anonymous said...

I went back and looked at the dumpster diving story. That is so wrong on so many levels. GROSS!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Scruffy. I probably will get my usual diet of NFL.

Anonymous said...

Eve with RGIII in your lineup, you would have lost.
If it wasn't for your kicker, you would have had the dreaded 'single digit' beatdown.


Anonymous said...

We are going to miss out on the Braley vs. Braley Grey Cup story line! One less topic for Prime Time Sports.

Anonymous said...

Count me in as someone who isn't thrilled about the finals matchup. I will be hard-pressed to watch and turn away from the NFL especially because I'm a Giants fan.