Thursday, November 22, 2012

This And That

Rick Mercer likes to poke fun at Americans and for good reason. However, Americans and anyone else in the world in my mind should be able to poke fun at Canadians today when the biggest story of the day is the fact that a horse wasn’t allowed in the lobby of a swanky hotel and that hours later he was allowed in. Really? Is this what we want to hang our hat on? We are better than that aren’t we? Excuse me if I’m being a little cynical, but that story (if you want to call it that) is just sad. Stories like that that get the attention it does just makes this former media guy shake his head. WHO CARES!!!  By the way, I am guessing this won’t be a problem when Grey Cup 101 hits Regina next November.

Its good to hear the two main AM stations in Regina doing their shows from Toronto. I just have to wonder if Jamie Nye started “The Green Zone” by uttering the famous phrase that started CJME’s coverage of the Grey Cup in 2007 when Drew Remenda said “I am in early for the next three days for bonus coverage of the Grey Cup and the Riders. Somebody shoot me now! “ I was not aware of the comments that had been made until a furious Nathan Morrison confronted me in Riderville the next night. I had not been a part of the first two hours of the first show as I had just gotten into Toronto and immediately upon arriving at the hotel went to Rogers Centre to catch the end of the Riders practice and get some tape.  I, and many others, were not impressed.  It just makes me laugh now, but it didn’t back then.  I could go on but why bother.  That incident showed me a lot!

I am on record as saying the Calgary Stampeders will win rather easily on Sunday night. If you missed it, you can catch the reasoning right here.

While many will go to a sports bar or a house party on Sunday  to watch the game, here’s an idea if you want to maybe watch it with your son or something. The Galaxy Cinema in the Normanview Mall will have the game in one of their theatres. I think the cost is 5 dollars. That’s a great idea as far as I’m concerned.

Those that complain about the NFL being boring need to find copies of the two Thanksgiving Day games that were played. The Detroit-Houston overtime game and the Dallas-Washington games were outstanding samples as to how the game should be played and they were better than a lot of CFL games I saw this year. I know there are people who only embrace either the CFL or NFL over the other, but that argument about NFL games not being exciting just doesn’t hold water with me. Yes, there are some NFL games that are snoozers, but there are some CFL ones that can put one to sleep too. I have no time for people that try to start that argument.

The Patriots-Jets game was just embarrassing------especially if you are a Jets fan!

If yesterday was your first time watching Robert Griffin III, tell me you weren't impressed. 

Like many of you, I have had enough of winter and winter hasn’t even really started yet. The dump of snow we received today combined with what we got a couple of weeks ago is enough for this year as far as I’m concerned.

Another night of culture is upon us as the stars of High Impact Wrestling hit the Victoria Club tonight. All of Regina’s “finest” including Rob Vanstone, Locker Talk co-host Pete Paczko and the legendary Tony Playter will find seats and behave like we normally do.

I don’t want to shop online for Xmas presents, but I have no choice when the places I go expecting to see the things I want to purchase aren’t there.

If you are a fan of Kaley Cuoco of “Big Bang Theory” fame, do yourself a favour and google “Kaley Cuoco Esquire”. I think you will approve of what you see---especially if you are a red-blooded man.

Will the Gaslight Saloon, the Whiskey Saloon or the Pump be the first establishment to have a "strip" show in Regina.

The latest proposal in the NHL lockout was shot down. I read somewhere that the proposal was five years in length. Sorry!  When a deal is finally struck, the deal had better be for at least 10 years minimum. Saying that we could go through this again in five years will not bring people who are already upset back to the sport. A double-digit deal needs to occur.

I have to wonder if we go through a winter without hockey (which it looks like we will) if Gary Bettman and Don Fehr will have their jobs when the game finally does resume.

I tried to watch an NBA game the other night. It didn’t last long.

David Ash was trending on Twitter Thursday night. I thought it was Regina tour magnate Dave Ash and was wondering what was happening. I learned that the starting quarterback at the University of Texas is named David Ash. I didn’t know that.

I know the rules dictate he has to get rid of it in a few days, but TSN’s Jay Onrait needs to keep his mustache.  Speaking of TSN, they need to put ESPN’s SportsNation back on the programming schedule. The show has disappeared since the time change much to my chagrin.

Have a great weekend. Don't shovel too much snow and enjoy the Grey Cup! 


Anonymous said...

The horse going into a hotel is something that has been done for years. Its a great photo op! Shame on the Royal York for trying to prevent it.

Anonymous said...

The Argos have been a different team since Ray came back from injury. I don't think they've been beaten since that win over the Riders. Toronto will win it 26-22.


Anonymous said...

I remember Remenda saying that in 07 and thinking what an ass. Perhaps if he were more tolerant about football in this province and curling, the braintrust at CJME would have kept him on. He was a disaster right from day 1. Don't know how you or Nye could work with the guy.


Anonymous said...

Only in Canada would should a Toronto hotel allow a Calgary horse in it create the debate it has. It really is quite laughable.

Dennis Matechuk said...

Love the horse story, innocent fun as is the Grey Cup, enjoy instead of being cynical

Anonymous said...

OMG, that Esquire pic of the Big Bang girl is incredible. I love her!!!

Anonymous said...

Calgary 37 Toronto 20

Anonymous said...

Where is that assclown Remenda these days anyhow? He can't be getting any money with the lockout on. I'm guessing you don't really care though do ya Mitch.