Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chamblin Explains/Stamps Going With Tate

Riders Head Coach Corey Chamblin wants to close practice to everyone this week. While he may not be able to shut the media out from seeing part of practice as per CFL policy, he is certainly sending the message that he is not messing around now and that with the playoffs here, its time to get serious. Chamblin met the media today to explain his rationale for this move along with giving his first thoughts on the Stampeders.

On another matter, Stampeders coach and GM has said Drew Tate will start at quarterback for his team on Sunday afternoon. Tate missed much of the season with a shoulder injury and just got back into the lineup.

“(Drew) has shown during the past two games he is fully recovered from his shoulder injury,” Hufnagel said in a statement. “He is throwing accurately and seeing the field well. Drew is a very interesting QB whose athleticism allows him to extend plays when things break down.

The decision means Kevin Glenn, who threw for 42 hundred yards and 26 TD's while winning 11 games, serves as the backup. Let the debate begin!

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Anonymous said...

Nice move Hufnagel!