Wednesday, December 5, 2012

74 Flyers Edge 92 Penguins

The 74 Flyers lost their captain as Bobby Clarke was kicked out of the game, but they managed to hold on to beat the 92 Penguins in a 6-5 thriller. Here's the boxscore....

Period 1
1:1873-74 FlyersGoal scored by Simon Nolet assisted by Ed Van Impe73-74 Flyers 1-0
2:5573-74 Flyers2 minute penalty on Barry Ashbee for high sticking73-74 Flyers 1-0
12:1473-74 FlyersGoal scored by Bill Barber assisted by Bobby Clarke73-74 Flyers 2-0
15:4073-74 Flyers2 minute penalty on Jimmy Watson for charging73-74 Flyers 2-0
16:1191-92 Penguins2 minute penalty on Kevin Stevens for illegal stick91-92 Penguins 0-2
Period 2
2:1891-92 PenguinsGoal scored by Mario Lemieux assisted by Larry Murphy91-92 Penguins 1-2
2:4091-92 Penguins2 minute penalty on Rick Tocchet for cross check91-92 Penguins 1-2
3:4273-74 FlyersPowerplay - Goal scored by Bill Flett assisted by Rick MacLeish and Ross Lonsberry73-74 Flyers 3-1
11:2591-92 PenguinsGoal scored by Kevin Stevens assisted by Mario Lemieux and Ulf Samuelsson91-92 Penguins 2-3
11:3791-92 PenguinsGoal scored by Rick Tocchet assisted by Mario LemieuxGame tied 3-3
18:3873-74 FlyersGoal scored by Bill Flett assisted by Jimmy Watson and Dave Schultz73-74 Flyers 4-3
Period 3
1:1073-74 FlyersGoal scored by Bill Barber assisted by Bobby Clarke and Andre Dupont
Tom Barrasso is replaced by Wendell Young in the net.
73-74 Flyers 5-3
2:5991-92 Penguins2 minute penalty on Jay Caufield for high sticking91-92 Penguins 3-5
13:0891-92 PenguinsGoal scored by Mario Lemieux assisted by Gordie Roberts and Kevin Stevens91-92 Penguins 4-5
15:3573-74 FlyersRoss Lonsberry shoots and scores on the rebound assisted by Bobby Clarke and Bill Barber73-74 Flyers 6-4
16:2373-74 Flyers5 minute major on Bobby Clarke for head butting
10 minute game misconduct (ejection) on Bobby Clarke
Serge Lajeunesse is serving the penalty
73-74 Flyers 6-4
16:3191-92 PenguinsPowerplay - Rick Tocchet shoots and scores on the rebound assisted by Paul Coffey91-92 Penguins 5-6
19:3191-92 Penguins2 minute penalty on Rick Tocchet for charging91-92 Penguins 5-6
Team Statistics
1973-74 Philadelphia Flyers1991-92 Pittsburgh Penguins
Goals Scored65
Shots On Goal3843
Shooting %15.811.6
Powerplay Scoring1/31/3
Shorthanded Scoring0/30/3
Powerplay %33.333.3
Penalty Killing %66.766.7
Powerplay Minutes3:335:39
Penalty Shots0/00/0
Faceoffs Won24/5228/52
Empty Net Goals00
Time Of Possession30:3829:22
Shots By Period
1973-74 Philadelphia Flyers12111538
1991-92 Pittsburgh Penguins15121643
Player Statistics
DJimmy Watson031:510:002:1334:0476101000.012
LWRoss Lonsberry227:043:330:0030:375141110100.000
LWBill Barber225:410:000:0025:41476214266.700
CBobby Clarke225:410:000:0025:41466037750.0215
DAndre Dupont117:511:263:2622:4348301000.000
DEd Van Impe117:511:263:2622:4348201000.000
DTom Bladon-118:252:070:0020:3248200000.000
DBarry Ashbee115:292:071:2519:0143100000.012
COrest Kindrachuk-111:480:005:3917:27282004640.000
CRick MacLeish013:191:260:0014:45242016940.000
RWGary Dornhoefer011:522:070:0013:5924000000.000
RWBill Flett-110:541:260:0012:20204201233.300
RWSimon Nolet012:140:000:0012:1418210000.000
LWDave Schultz-111:390:000:0011:3918001010.000
LWBob Kelly00:090:005:395:4810100000.000
CBill Clement00:002:070:002:0741001150.000
DJoe Watson00:090:000:480:577100000.000
RWDon Saleski00:090:000:060:151000000.000
CMario Lemieux226:093:522:1132:12571422171356.700
LWKevin Stevens224:273:521:5730:16541011000.012
DGordie Roberts119:581:471:0622:5152001000.000
DUlf Samuelsson119:590:002:1122:1048001000.000
DGrant Jennings-117:311:472:1121:2944000000.000
DLarry Murphy-117:243:520:0021:1646101000.000
DPaul Coffey-113:193:520:1617:2748301000.000
RWRick Tocchet212:063:520:0716:0530320000.024
LWBob Errey-312:241:470:3114:4224100000.000
CRon Francis-312:171:470:1614:20231006650.000
RWMark Recchi-312:012:080:0014:0922400000.000
LWPhil Bourque013:580:000:0013:5823100000.000
CBryan Trottier012:510:001:0613:57230005550.000
DPeter Taglianetti-113:190:000:1613:3532000000.000
RWJoe Mullen012:450:000:0012:4519400000.000
RWJay Caufield012:200:000:0012:2018100000.012
LWTroy Loney00:060:001:061:123000000.000
DKjell Samuelsson00:060:001:061:126000000.000
1973-74 Philadelphia Flyers Goaltending
Bernie Parent4353888.460:000:00
1991-92 Pittsburgh Penguins Goaltending
Tom Barrasso2552080.041:100:00
Wendell Young1311292.318:000:00
Three Stars
1. Bill Barber (Philadelphia)
2. Mario Lemieux (Pittsburgh)
3. Bill Flett (Philadelphia)


75flyersbestteamever said...

Good thing the Flyers won; a surly Philly crowd fed up with their 8 game losing Eagles booed the following
--- Scout Troop # 436 from Scranton visiting for the first time
--- John and Maria on their engagement at the game
--- Father Seamus O'Hara thanking everyone after the teddy Bear toss.
BTW- A battery was allegedly thrown at O'Hara but the guilty party said it just fell out when he was taking shots from his flask.

7 said...

Great job MB!! I totally missed Serge Lajeunesse's arrival in the game. I think he took $5 bucks from Dupont in the Canasta game afterwards. Kudo's for your digging