Monday, June 18, 2018

Something To "Mitch" About

Courtesy Saskatchewan Roughriders

The new guys got it done for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. For the first time since 2014, the Riders are going into Week 2 of the season with a 1-0 record.  I had taken the Argos to win this game. I thought the Riders needed at least another week to get their feet underneath them   While it might have been that way to start for the offence, it certainly wasn't for the defence.  What a dominating effort!

At one point late in the first half, the Argos had 89 yards in net offence.  40 of that had come on one play and 16 on another. They couldn't do anything.  Thanks to a monster-like effort from Charleston Hughes, the usually unflappable Ricky Ray was rushed.  He couldn't do anything as the defence kept giving Zach Collaros and the offence one opportunity after another.   I believe at one point in the first half, Toronto had six possessions and had six two-and-outs.  That's what you want to see from your "D". 

That being said, there wasn't one person at Mosaic Stadium or watching on TV who saw what was happening in the last five minutes of the 4th quarter going to themselves "UH-OH".  Despite the fact they didn't deserve to have it that close, Ricky Ray was putting his team in a position to win. It's not like we haven't seen that before.  Unlike the Eastern final, they weren't going to comeback this time. Willie Jefferson told me after the game they simply weren't going to let Ray repeat what he did last November.  They didn't!   If you're big number 7, how can you not love seeing Hughes on the other side of the field.  Those two, if we didn't know it before, are going to be an o-line's nightmare.  Add those two to the likes of Eguavoen, Moncrief, Gainey and Butler and it is going to be tough to move the football on this Rider defence when they are on their game.

Like many of you I am surprised Marc Trestman didn't throw his challenge flag on the Nick Marshall pick-six. He had to throw that, but he didn't.  Many think he would have won the challenge as well.  That's very un-Trestman like.

Two thumbs up for Zach Collaros for partnering up with Mosaic for the mâmawêyatitân centre. Collaros is personally donating one dollar for each passing yard and 100 dollars for each TD pass with Mosaic matching the donation. The money will go to keeping programs going for inner-city youth.  Gotta like that!  Night 1 resulted in 606 dollars (303 from each side) which is a nice start.

By the way, enjoy Derrick "The Chief of Grief" Moncrief now because he has NFL written all over him.

--There is no doubt the most impressive performance of Week 1 was that of Hughes.  That being said, can we give the play of the week to BC's Marcell Young? What he did Saturday night was outstanding! We don't like it when Wally goes on the field, but we really don't like it when a fan goes on the field.

--The West has taken an early 3-0 lead on games against the East. Is this another sign of here we go again?

--I don't understand the latest promotion by the Alouettes.  They are offering you tickets for eight dollars or ten dollars, but its only for the 4th quarter.  ????   Can you still get a beverage? Are the concessions still open? I'm not sure I understand the concept.  Do hockey teams offer you tickets for just the 3rd period? There has to be a reason for this, but I'm not sure what it is.  With the Als this year, there likely won't be many games where you want to see the 4th quarter.

--Why is it golfers complain when the course is too hard as it was during Saturday's 3rd round of the US Open, but you never hear them say the course is too easy when guys are running shooting 65's and 66's at will as is the case at some tournaments.  The third round was a little tough for many, but there were some who didn't have problems in getting around.  Sometimes you have to look in the mirror.

A lot is being made of Phil Mickleson and his stunt at 13 on Saturday when he hit the ball before it stopped moving on the green to take a two-shot penalty.  Some felt "Lefty" should have DQ'ed himself.  Ease up!  Mickleson was well out of contention and he was having fun. To my knowledge, not one golfer criticized Mickleson for his move as they saved that for the course itself.  When the PGA pros do what we do at our local course from time to time, it shows the human element.  Relax!

--Would the Ottawa Senators be better off as the Quebec Nordiques 2.0?

--Does anyone think John Tavares won't be signing a deal with the Islanders before July 1?  I just can't see the Islanders letting their franchise player go.  It would be nice though if Tavares knew who his head coach was going to be before it comes time to make a decision.

--Jays manager John Gibbons appears to be resigned to the fact he is going to be fired at some point.  I'm not the biggest Gibby fan, but is he to blame for Roberto Osuna's personal problems, Russell Martin's batting average and the health of Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki.  Nope!

--Who had the Seattle Mariners as one of the top teams in baseball especially with Robinson Cano suspended for PED's, pitcher Felix Hernandez having an off-year and injuries galore. They are finding a way though with Canadian James Paxton and little-known outfielder Mitch Haniger leading the way.  They are a fun team to watch right now, but is their success sustainable?

--For those who watch wrestling, the NXT Takeover Chicago main event between Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa on Saturday was downright crazy.  You aren't supposed to do what those two did to their bodies.  The main event of the Money In the Bank PPV Sunday was just as wild.

--Watching the World Cup of Soccer I am reminded of two things 1) I would love to see hockey announcers use the colourful language that their soccer counterparts do in describing what is going on and 2) I am guessing there is no concussion protocol.

That's all I got.  Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Outstanding performance by the D. Gotta think the O will get better with time. Good way to start the season.

Anonymous said...

Lot of empty seats on a perfect night for football. What's the excuse this week?

Anonymous said...

Toronto's defence was pretty good too, or was it our offence wasn't good. Too many short passes. Stretch it out a little.

Good start for Hughes. If he maintains that, he will make Calgary look awfully stupid. One game doesn't a season make.

Anonymous said...

Somebody wanted to make a name for himself in BC. Someone thought he would have a "Look at Me" moment. Someone got his ass planted. Stay off the field and you don't have to worry about these things.

75FlyersBestTeamEver said...

World Cup Concussion protocol...much different...the "injured" player goes to the quiet room...or in Soccer's case "the Quiet Apartment Complex" for the hurt and they are given TWO orange slices and CHOICE of Grape or Orange CapriSun Juice.

Anonymous said...

Golf is for saaawwfft snowflakes

Anonymous said...

It's called a 60 inch high definition samsung, no lines, no parking hassles, no obnoxious drunks beside you. That and the riders are pricing themselves out of an average working class families budget.

Anonymous said...

A whole lot of WAAAAAAHHHHH today Scruff. I wonder if any of these meatheads realize that times have changed.

How many stadiums can you just park at now? Can you park at Rogers Centre in Toronto? Can you park at Rogers Place in Edmonton without paying an arm and a leg. No.

Once again, Reginans coming off as just stupid!

Anonymous said...

Buddy can afford a 60 inch HD and then complains about pricing himself out of an average working class families budget. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I bet he finances a big F350 too.

#LOSER #getoffwelfare

Anonymous said...

Better promotion for Montreal

Buy a ticket in the 4th quarter and be the team's GM.

Anonymous said...

Lot of stupid on here today Scruff. Guessing you and Pedersen are laughing whole-heartedly again today.

Whole lot of WAAAAHHHHH indeed.


Anonymous said...

You'll get more use out of a truck and TV than you will 10 football games