Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Saturday Shootout

It wasn't as dramatic as last weekend in Calgary, but it was more satisfying. Oh Casey, what were you thinking. You could have just thrown the ball away on first and 10 from the 8, but you had to be a hero and you ended up the goat.

Ken Miller said after the game he doesn't believe in destiny, but Rider fans are starting to wonder if destiny is firmly on the side of the green and white. One has to think so after watching what was another resilient performance by the Riders who beat the Lions 33-30 in overtime meaning they stay tied for first and that the game November 7 against Calgary will be the one that decides if this team hosts the Western final or semi-final.

Where do you start in this one. Once again, you have to look at Darian Durant. The Rider QB didn't have a stellar outing. In fact, I thought he looked kind of shaky, but when the Riders needed him to get points on the board, he did so. After a bad interception in the first half, he responded with a touchdown to Rob Bagg and after a nearly fatal interception that went back for a touchdown late in the game, he got everyone on the same page and threw a TD pass to Johnny Quinn. He was then maybe another step from ending this game in regulation as you have to think if he gets another yard on a 2nd down scramble that Luca Congi wins it on the last play instead of kissing one off the crossbar. Durant is making believers out of more and more people each week. I still don't think he is an MOP candidate like Glen Suitor suggests, but you never know. I was thinking Weston Dressler might be the Riders MOP this year and I still think that could be the case, but its hard to argue against Durant right now.

How about Rob Bagg. With all apologies to those in the Andy Fantuz fan club, Bagg might be the choice as the Riders top Canadian. He was huge again yesterday making eight catches for 124 yards and taking some punishment after some of those catches too. He is quickly establishing himself as one of the league's top Canadian players.

Sean Lucas may have been the quietest of the three linebackers last year as Anton McKenzie and Mo Lloyd took a lot of the ink, but Lucas is showing he might be the best out of that trio. I thought he was outstanding yesterday as he made some big plays. The play of McKenzie and Lloyd hasn't been the same this year, but Lucas might be better.

Chris McKenzie got thrown into duty due to the first quarter injury sustained by Eddie Davis. He had some rough moments out there dealing with guys like Simon and Jackson, but he held his own.

I don't know if you saw it at the end, but James Patrick gave the Geroy Simon Superman salute after he made his interception. LOVE THAT!

The biggest disappointment of the day might have been some of the fans that decided enough was enough and left the stadium after B.C made it 30-22. Have they learned nothing from what they have seen from this team this year. Those that stayed should be applauded----those that left should be criticized and criticized big-time. CMON!! Did last week's game not mean anything to you when it comes to how this football team plays. BRUTAL!!
I don't know who the CFL's MOP will be in 2009, but the Alouettes proved Anthony Calvillo is the most valuable player in the league. With the Montreal quarterback on the bench, Winnipeg routed the Alouettes to keep their late season surge going. The Alouettes are a different team when Calvillo doesn't play. By the way, is the Jovon Johnson 4th quarter punt return for a TD the play of the year in the CFL. He weaved back and forth across the field several times before breaking away for the score. Unreal.
I love this joke. What's the difference between the Maple Leafs and a triangle. The answer: A triangle has three points. Toronto is still looking for their first win of the year after losing in Vancouver. The Leafs are now 0-7-1...that's a new record of futility for them. I have no sympathy!

Have you seen these? The Canadian juniors are going to wear these green jerseys, which salute the Riders, at the World Juniors. They will be worn once in Regina and once in Saskatoon. Word is they will also be worn should Canada advance to the gold medal game. I'm thinking Hockey Canada realized many fans at the event would wear their Rider jersey to the World Juniors. They are capitalizing on the green by having a green jersey....a green jersey that is sure to get a lot of "green" in sales. I like the looks of them, but I still prefer the red and white and think that is what should be worn for the gold medal game. While we in Saskatchewan love the idea, I have to wonder what those in other provinces are thinking.
Lyoto Machida still has his light heavyweight belt---barely. Somehow he got the decision in the main event of UFC 104 even though he looked to have beaten by Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. Machida likely celebrated by drinking some of his own urine(he does do that you know) while Rua wonders what he had to do. He will get another shot at Machida very soon I would think.
I wonder how rowdy the Brooks and Dunn concert was at the Brandt Centre as many happy Rider fans made their way over. I thought Brooks and Dunn had split up. Did they get back together? I'm a Brooks guy, Dunn is a waste of time. (I'M JOKING!!!!) What one was it that got sick after eating the tainted apple betty on the King of the Hill episode?
Tough one for the Rams in Calgary as they get throttled by the Dinosaurs making a playoff appearance very unlikely. Tough one for the Pats as they lose in the last minute to Swift Current. The two teams meet again at the Dome tonight and I guess I better have the pipes working because its the first Access broadcast of the year. If my colour guy Kelly Remple has calmed down after seeing the Steelers beat the Vikings, we will have it for you at 6. What does it say about me when I'm actually rooting for Pittsburgh. WOW!


Anonymous said...

Casey's ego definitely cost them a win yesterday. I thought it was over when they were inside the 10. Our defence still scares me. I know Frazier and Davis weren't in there, but that secondary is going to hurt us before all is said and done.

I can't believe some fans left. I was in sec 24 asking people as they were leaving why and they are going to miss a great ending. They say we have the world's greatest fans...some of them yes, some of them NO!

Machida beats Rua? Please! Machida was terrible last night. Maybe someone drugged his urine!

Canada's team wears green and white. Canada's football team that is. Canada's hockey team should be wearing red and white!

Terry C

Anonymous said...

Durant didn't have his best game, but when the Riders needed him the most he came through. He's a lot more composed than Printers that's for sure.

I didn't see Patrick give the Superman pose to Simon but I did see Simon's twitter feed about the Rider DB's on What an ass!

Mike K

Anonymous said...

Any "fan" that left yesterday before the game was over is not a "fan". If you are a season ticket holder, please cash in your tickets for the final home game and playoff game so that those who want go and be loud and proud can do so. Thats disgraceful!