Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hug A Titans Fan--If You Can Find One

OK, who's kidding who. Every Monday is spent doing some trash-talking after a week of NFL play with yourself either dishing it out or being forced to take it. I can only imagine what will transpire when CJME's Jamie Nye(Raider fan) meets up with Riders communication guy Reid Lambden(an Eagles fan) when the Riders get back to practice Tuesday. I'm thinking Jamie has a couple of things to say after the Raiders upset the Eagles. If I'm Reid, I may feign some kind of illness for the next few weeks.
However, if you know anyone who is a Tennessee Titans fan, you might just want to hold off on any type of smack talk whatsoever after what happened yesterday. The Titans--a team that went 13-3 last year and were thought to be AFC favourites by some--are 0-6 after one of the worst losses in NFL history. They were beaten by the New England Patriots 59-0. 59-0!!! Tom Brady throws six touchdown passes---five in the 2nd quarter alone. What do you say you a Titans fan if you know one today. What can you say? It may be better to just hug him or her because any words could set him off in a suicidal rampage. Buy him or her coffee, help him or her out with any daily tasks they perform and just be nice. There's nothing else really you can do. Maybe the Titans need to get Bart Andrus back???

Speaking of Brady, I am in a fantasy football league with current and former sports media members in town. I went up against Global's Derek Meyers this week. On my team is both Brady and Giants quarterback Eli Manning. Brady has not been his usual brilliant self this year while Manning has played quite well. Eli was inside against a suspect New Orleans secondary while Brady was playing at home in cold, snowy weather against a team that you would think after last year is better than their record indicates. All signs pointed to playing Eli and that's what I did. DOH!!!!!! Needless to say, Meyers hammered me in a rather one-sided affair that was as ugly as the final score in Foxboro. Oops!!! Oops indeed!!! SIGHHHHHHH!!!!.
If you had a pro-line ticket with the Rams-Jags tie, the KC, Arizona, and Houston wins and a Buffalo-Jets tie on your ticket, it is safe to say that even on a 2 dollar wager, you have more than enough money for Christmas shopping. If for some reason, you put 10 or 20 down, have fun in whatever warm weather climate you head to this winter. Just once I would love to come up with one of those tickets and cash in big-time.

The Giants really disappointed me as I thought they would give New Orleans a much better battle. I didn't think that Saints o-line could handle the Giants d-line. So much for that thought.

As for the Seahawks----lets just say there is tremendous disgust with yours truly on what happened against the Cardinals. It was bad right from the start and didn't really improve. Its sad when the only highlight is a 42 yard pass thrown by Jon Ryan---yes, the Regina boy threw a pass on a fake punt for what was their biggest play of the afternoon. In fact, it was their only play of the afternoon. How a team can look so good one week in beating Jacksonville 41-0 and then look so putrid just seven days later is a head-scratcher!
Believe it or not, the B.C Lions could be in first place in the West at the end of next weekend. If for some reason the Eskimos upset the Stampeders in Calgary and the Lions were to beat the Riders, it would be B.C atop the West by a point over both Saskatchewan and Calgary. That's how crazy it is in the West folks. The Lions beating Winnipeg 24-21 thanks to Travis Lulay who took over for the injured Buck Pierce(a phrase you hear often). The Bombers beat themselves as Michael Bishop threw three interceptions(a phrase you hear often) while Alexis Serna missed a couple of field goals. The Bombers also blowing a chance to grab sole possession of 2nd in the East as Montreal beat Hamilton 41-38 behind back up Adrian MacPherson who took over for an injured Anthony Calvillo. All bets are off if Calvillo is out for an extended period of time. It doesn't sound as if that will happen though.
I have to give Riders coach Ken Miller and his players a lot of credit. They are publicly biting their lip and not saying anything that will result in a fine from the CFL in the wake of Saturday's horrible call that arguably took a win away from them. They really should be spitting nails and letting everyone hear about how they got jobbed, but they won't do that. Instead, they may use it as a motivator for the final three games of the season and the playoffs. What was a huge negative could turn out to be a huge positive. The its time to kill teams early attitude so we don't get in that situation again type of mind-frame might just come out. It should! I can't imagine how pissed that team must be after what happened yesterday. I would not have wanted to walk in that room after the game was over. Still with the Riders, they officially opened their Saskatoon "Rider Store" on Sunday. Is there anyone in the Bridge City who wasn't at the opening?? One can only imagine how many dollars went through the registers yesterday and I'm sure it won't be slowing down anytime soon. How much of Saskatchewan's population do you think doesn't own anything with the /=S=/ on it? I'm guessing at least 90 percent of our population has at least one Rider item in their home or vehicle. The merchandise sales are big enough now. Just imagine what it will be like if they win the Grey Cup. You won't be able to wipe the smiles off the faces of Jim Hopson and Steve Mazurak. I truly do believe they might have the easiest job in this province.
One of the early season stories in the WHL has to be the play of the Moose Jaw Warriors. A team that took it on the chin last year was expected to have another rough season this year, but coach Dave Hunchak has his team rolling. They are 8-4 and tied for first in the East after a win at home over Lethbridge last night.
Another win for Weyburn-born golfer Graham DeLaet. The details can be found right here.....
It can't be much longer until DeLaet is a regular on the PGA tour.
The Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons says the Ice-Edge group that wanted to buy the Coyotes and have them play some games in Saskatoon may be making some noise again. Its said by Simmons the league will buy the club and sell them to that group who wants to play at least five games at Credit Union Centre. I still think its a pipe-dream, but who knows.
That's all I got. Have a good Monday. Don't try to re-hash the Rider game too much because you'll just get angry all over again and remember, hug a Titans fan today if you know one. They really do need one! YEESH!!!

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I don't know any Titans fans, thus I will hang out in the Scarth Street mall at lunchtime and hug attractive women in the hopes that they are Titan fans and then blame it on you when the cops haul me away. HA HA!