Friday, October 9, 2009

Damn Yankees!

I'm not talking about the 80's band---but if I were, I'd add this. Oh what the hell, I love the song so why not.

Does anyone remember this being the last song at Delbert's!! C'mon, you know you do if you're my age.

Alright, its not the band, but the ball team and yes, many in Minnesota are saying Damn Yankees this morning after Alex Rodriguez hits a two run homer in the bottom of the 9th to tie it with Mark Teixiera then winning it on a solo blast in the 11th. It means the Yankees are one win away from advancing to the American League Championship Series and it looks like they will play the Angels. They beat Boston to take a 2-0 lead in that best of 5.
How about the terrible call by the left field umpire in the 11th robbing Joe Mauer of a double and what turned out to likely be a possible run in that 11th. How the ump could rule what was obviously a fair ball foul is beyond reason---unless a Tim Donaghy like scandal is going to erupt in baseball. Donaghy being the crooked NBA ref for those who don't know.
While there was drama in New York, dare I say it, the big drama for Canadian sports fans was in Edmonton where its a cruel sense of deja vu for the Eskimos and their fans. With the memory of Milt Stegall's last play 100 and some yard touchdown maybe just starting to get erased from their memory, the Eskimos have another defensive meltdown. Geroy Simon catches a pass in double coverage and when the Edmonton defenders bump into one another, Geroy runs into the endzone with 12 seconds left givign BC an improbable victory. I'm sure Rider fans were cackling when Paul McCallum shanked a punt in the final moments allowing Edmonton to get the ball deep in BC territory allowing the Eskimos to get what they thought were the game-winning points. The football gods giveth to the Eskimos in Regina on the Maurice Mann touchdown and they taketh on this night. Looks like Edmonton will be the cross-over team now if indeed they make the playoffs seeing Winnipeg is starting to crawl up the standings. If only it had have been Calgary!
There are many who are saying "I knew it" after hearing the confession of Theoren Fleury today. Many had thought for years Graham James had sexually abused him and now he comes clean. I can't even begin to imagine what personal hell Fleury and Sheldon Kennedy had to endure under this monster. A friend of mine told me on Friday that James is a scary, frightening man. I had to correct him by saying James is not a man. He deserves every bit of evil that is thrust upon him.
Rams quarterback Marc Mueller threw 5 interceptions on Friday night. I'm glad for Marc that there isn't anything known as or something like that because he'd be run out of town. Oh wait, did I tell you that despite the five picks, Mueller still drove his team down the field at the end for the winning field goal as the U of R beat Simon Fraser 26-24. Much like last week in BC for the Riders, its what you do when the game is on the line that matters. Durant got his team into the endzone to tie the game and Mueller got his team into position for a game winning field goal. Good job Marc!
I know many of you check out Rod Pedersen's blog. You should seeing he is plugged into everything. How bout his post yesterday in which he states Jordan Eberle just about ran over Darian Durant earlier this week. Can you imagine the heyday that would have resulted had that happened. Just think about it for a minute. Regina's soon to be NHL star runs down the Riders starting quarterback. A circus would have erupted. His thoughts on how some of the people he has dealt with on a day-to-day basis and how he has taken their approach is a very good read. Maybe I should do one on people I had to deal with on a day-to-day basis. NAHHHHHH!!!!
So let me get this straight. There's no baseball or softball in the 2016 Olympics, but there is going to be golf?? OK!! Just want to make sure I've got that right.
Marge, you dirty whore! Show it all for America to see. What does Homer have to say about all of this? How many issues will Lenny buy! Could this mean Lois Griffin is next!!!


MIke from Vita, MB said...

Boy did the Lions shove that horseshoe pretty high up the wazoo yesterday. Good thing Coach hall doesn't have long would have been all ripped out. What were the DB's doing? Has tackling become a lost art?

Anonymous said...

Many nights at Delberts followed by a trip to California Subs. Memmmmmmm-reeeeeeeeesssss!! Good times were had in those days. Good times indeed.


Anonymous said...

For Theoren Fleury to do what he did under the hell that he put himself through makes him even more amazing in my mind. It explains a lot, even though many of us thought what his demons were a result of.