Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where's Manny, Where's Carla, Where's JC

RBC has named 27 broadcasters in our fine country who will serve as Olympic torch bearers when the massive relay across the country and back begins in the next couple of weeks. Names like Brian Williams, Michael Landsberg, Sandie Rinaldo and Jennifer Hedger will have their turn with the torch as will newscasters from some CTV affiliates, however, not on this list is anyone from CTV Regina. WTF?? In fact, the only Saskatchewan broadcaster on the list I have seen is Saskatoon CTV reporter Mark Rogstad.

Why isn't Manny being given a chance, what about Carla Beynon, what about J-C Garden and more importantly why isn't Lee Jones? Is this another case of Saskatchewan being snubbed? It is as far as I'm concerned.

One name that most certainly deserves a kilometre or two with the torch in hand is Shannon England--the husband of the late Sandra Schmirler. You know damn well that Sandra would have been one of the runners had she still been with us. Who's kidding who, she might have been representing Canada as well.

Ben Mulroney gets a chance and Jonesy doesn't. What a crock!!!! Why isn't Lloyd Robertson getting a shot at it!

One other thing that is completely unrelated. Anyone else hearing about Bon Jovi playing Mosaic Stadium in late April. I've heard that from two people today.


Anonymous said...

Bon Jovi?! Bring it on. When can I get tix? When is this official!

jn said...

am i the only one that thinks having all these broadcasters running the relay is dead wrong. the origional idea was to have all canadians apply and then having a lottery to pick them. after all this is canada s olympics. so what we get are people who don t have one damn things to do with the olympics getting this wonderful once in a life time gift. shame on vanoc and shame on ctv and especially shame on all you twenty seven so called celebs for accepting.

1weasel said...

The list of CTV personalities is in the mid40s and counting. Lloyd Robertson ran with the torch at the end of October.