Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nice Start!

Those that know me know I am a big Oilers fan. I have loved the Oilers since they made their first appearance in the NHL way back when. I have celebrated the good times, I have agonized through the bad times. I am happy to see Pat Quinn behind the bench as it was obvious a coaching change was needed, but I am not expecting this team to make the playoffs. The reason for that is this team really is no better than last year's team because its basically the same team. However, it was with excitement that I watched the late half of the Hockey Night in Canada doubleheader to see just what the team looked like.

They battled the Flames, and they gave it their all against a team that is better than them, but they still get the loss. Why is that? Because Nikolai Khabibulin has a major league brain-cramp at the end of the game as he mishandles the puck looking more like Steve Smith or Bill Buckner allowing David Moss to score. All I could do is laugh. It will still be nice watching guys like Gagner, Cogliano, Hemsky and soon Eberle, but I have to be realistic and know that I will watch them likely lose more than what they will win. SIGGHHHHH!!!


The highlight of the doubleheader last night was this.

PETER PUCK IS BACK!!!! As a kid, I loved watching the Peter Puck cartoons, and now is he is coming back for a new generation of kids with new episodes--albeit very short ones. Thumbs up to Hockey Night in Canada for bringing back the puck. By the way, thumbs down to CBC for doing what TSN did with the games in Europe. Mark Lee did the play by play of the Detroit-St. Louis game from Stockholm, but it was obvious he wasn't in that weird looking arena in Stockholm. We found out later he did the game from Edmonton because he called the Flames-Oilers game. I ragged on TSN for not sending guys over so I have to do it with CBC as well. I can't believe neither network would send a crew over for these games. Is this a sign of the times? Could it lead to Friday Night Football or other events being called from a studio? I hope not!
To those who bitch about the play of Darian Durant, I ask you this. Would you rather have Durant or Quinton Porter. I know who I would rather have, and that argument was solidified last night in Calgary. The Ti-Cats were on the verge of a huge upset of Calgary, but Porter didn't come through in the end and then did the unthinkable by getting sacked taking the Tabbies out of potential field goal range. You just can't do that! I wonder if they could hear the collective groan from Saskatchewan after that sack as the win means Calgary now has sole possession of first place. In the other game yesterday, Montreal easily beat Toronto. Combine that win with the Ti-Cats loss and the Alouettes have already clinched first in the East. It means they won't play a meaningful game until the Eastern final. This is why Montreal does not do well come Grey Cup time.
The last day of the baseball season does bring us some intrigue. After what I thought would be a boring September, the Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers go into the final day of the season tied for first in the American League Central. They may have to play game 163 on Tuesday. The Dodgers finally won the National League West with a win over the hard-charging Colorado Rockies. It didn't really matter though since both teams are going to the playoffs. Yes, today is the final day of the baseball season and yes, the Cubs aren't going to the playoffs. They are the biggest disappointment of the season. More on that in a future posting.
Break up the Pats!!! Jordan Eberle returns and now this team is scoring goals left, right and center. They beat Red Deer 7-3 for their 3rd straight win. They've scored 22 goals in their last three games. I can only hope this trend continues. The next home game is against a Calgary Hitmen squad who show no signs of giving up their Eastern Conference crown anytime soon on Friday. It would sure be nice to see a big crowd at the Brandt Centre for that one. It would be nice if that game was on Access too! That reminds me, I gotta get a hold of Plaster to see just what games are being done this year.
Will T-O suffer a meltdown today in Miami? Will Tampa and Washington play to a 6-3 thriller? Can the Seahawks give the Colts a game?? (To all my Indy friends, if you don't win by at least two touchdowns, then there is something wrong!!) What game will be better---Baltimore-NE or the Jets-Saints matchup. I guess I should find out by getting off the computer and getting ready for another Sunday of NFL play. Later!


Anonymous said...

Durant is a far better quarterback than Porter. He still makes some mistakes, but not as many as Porter does.

The Pats look like an entirely different team. I know one player doesn't make a difference, but they played great this weekend. Looking forward to Calgary and another Brandon visit.

Patriots send the Ravens back to earth today and the upset special of the day---Browns over Bengals.


Anonymous said...

Peter Puck? I thought the only cartoon figure on HNIC was Bob Cole in his Leafs garb!

Anonymous said...

Durant has 1 td pass and 5 ints his last two games, with 1 TD in each game. Not good enough. DD has hardly proven himself superior to Porter.

Anonymous said...

Was it just me or how bad was Kevin Weekes doing color on the Oilers/Flames game? OMG it was terrible! Is that the best CBC could do?