Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Play Does Not Spoil A Classic

OK, its been a few hours since the Rider game ended. I still can't believe they got jobbed the way they did, but I guess when it comes to CFL officials should we really be surprised anymore? I have watched the controversial John Chick rough play play over and over again and there is no way you can tell me that Henry Burris wasn't still trying to do something with that football after falling down the first time. Hank happened to see Chick coming full bore at him and hit the deck knowing he was about to get pasted again. Whatever! What's done is done and there is no use crying about it because you know the result isn't going to be changed. What has to be done now is accentuate the positives in this game and there were many. Where do you start?

Look no further than Darian Durant. I think Glen Suitor is a little off base when he says Durant is being spoken about as a possible Most Outstanding Player this season,(My Rider vote if I had one this year would go to Dressler) but you just can't ignore what number 4 has been doing and what he did on the MacMahon turf yesterday. Once again, Durant followed up Calgary scores by driving the ball downfield for Roughrider points. His icy demeanor under pressure in what is still his first season as a quarterback is downright amazing. Durant has had his critics all season, but those critics have to be back under their rocks---at least for now.

Chris Szarka--Where have ya been?? It took 15 weeks for you to be a part of the offence? The guy can still get it done!

Jason Clermont--see Szarka

Andy Fantuz--if NFL scouts were watching you, get back soon!! Someone will keep your locker warm.

Paul LaPolice--outstanding job of play calling. Rider fans aren't going Weston who after this one, but they are a little more at ease.

Johnny Quinn--you had a big hold at the start of the game that negated a big Wes Cates run, but you more than made up for it. By the way, I'll say it again. No Rider should be wearing 81...the number should be retired. Why hasn't this happened?

It all means that barring something unreal happening over the final couple of weeks that Mosaic Stadium should be jam-packed and then some on November 7 when the Stampeders come here to close out the regular season. The winner (if there is one) will finish first in the West and if all goes well, Calgary will be back in two weeks time to do it all again in the Western final.
19 degrees in Regina today and most of us were stuck inside watching the football game. Yeah, OK!
With the Yankees down 3-2 in the 11th, I said to my wife that the Yankees would either tie it or win it in their half of the 11th. Moments later, I was saying I told you so after Alex Rodriguez homers. By the way, all the A-Rod haters have nothing to bitch about with his performance in this year's playoffs. He has been unbelievable!
The Rams lose 33-22 to the Golden Bears in Edmonton leaving both teams at 3-3. The Rams could be in tough when it comes to winning another game this year as they have games against the top two teams in the conference--Calgary and the U of S.
The Pats get a pair from Jordan Eberle including one that reminds me why Linden Rowat was traded as they beat Lethbridge 4-1. I liked the unis they wore on breast cancer awareness night.
The Notre Dame Hounds have cancelled all sporting activities for the next little bit because of the H1N1 virus. That's a little scary when you consider what it could do for other leagues if an outbreak should occur. Imagine the Pats or the Rams or the Riders having to cancel a game because of H1N1.
Another big NFL Sunday tomorrow. Giants vs Saints is a must-watch as is Ravens-Vikings. Thank you Sunday Ticket!!
I'm really enjoying this start by the Leafs. Imagine the egg on Brian Burke's face if Toronto wins the lottery and has to give that number one pick to Boston because of the Phil Kessel trade. That would be truly comical as all of Canada would watch Burkie trying to squirm his way out of this one. Now I'm hearing the team is ready to make a move in which they try to get Giguere out of Anaheim. Yeah, that will solve your problems!
I talked about annoying commercials last night. I forgot about the Rogers ad where the guy wins 10-thousand bucks. I wish both of this guys would disappear like those four teenagers did. Maybe some of the advertising budget should go to buying the Blue Jays some good players.


Anonymous said...

There were far more positives than negatives in this game and that's what we should concentrate on. Durant was unbelievable and our Canadian talent has proven to be the best in the CFL. I think at one time there were 10 Canucks on the field on offence and they still flourished. Like everyone else I am frustrated with the end result, but I believe we will walk off the McMahon turf again this year as a winner.


Anonymous said...

Durant is playing at a championship calibre level right now.
The loss of Dressler had no impact.
The refereeing in the CFL is a joke--and not just in this game.
The Leafs are a bigger joke than CFL referees--OK maybe not.

(not to be confused with some clown in SC who is upset because we apparently have the same sig)