Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Derek Jeter

The Yankees shortstop isn't slowing down. When the games mean something, Jeter comes out to play and he certainly did that in Game 1 of the ALDS against the Twins. With Minnesota jumping out into a 2-0 lead early on, the Yankees needed a big hit. When a big hit is needed in the playoffs, look no further than Jeter. Like he did at the old stadium, Jeter came up with perhaps the biggest hit of the day in the New York victory as he hit a two run homer to get the Yankees going.
When you look at Jeter, you have to put him up there with some of the greatest players to wear pinstripes. He is as beloved in New York as Mantle, Dimaggio, Jackson, etc. etc.
The thing about Jeter is he may be one of the last of a dying breed. That being a star player who plays his entire career with the same team. These days not many players do that. I can't imagine seeing Jeter wearing another team's uniform. It wouldn't look right. Is there any athlete out there that's a hall-of-famer that is going to play his career with one team? There aren't many left. I wonder if Crosby will play for the Penguins throughout his career. I wonder if Ovechkin will play his entire career with the Capitals. I'm sure somewhere down the road those two are destined to play for another team.
Then again, no one thought Michael Jordan would ever play for another team except for the Bulls and I don't have to start talking about Gretzky.
The poll question is how many goals will Ovechkin get this year. Maybe that poll should have been how many will Jordan Eberle get this year. He had three last night giving him 7 in 4 games, but it wasn't enough. Regina kept scoring, but the problem was they couldn't stop Moose Jaw from scoring as they lose 9-6 in a game where defence was obviously thrown out the window. I can't wait for the puck drop on Friday when the Calgary Hitmen come to town. This will be a real measuring stick as to where the Pats are. I hope to see a great crowd at the Brandt Centre. Then again as I was told the other night, its hard to gauge what type of crowd the Pats are getting right now because of the new seats. Nonetheless, I would hope to see between 4500 and 5000 in there.
Kerry Joseph is showing his frustration in Toronto. Life has certainly changed for KJ since he won the M-O-P and the Grey Cup in 2007. He has let his frustration be known and he has now discussed things with head coach Bart Andrus. I have to think Andrus' coaching career in the CFL will be a short one seeing his tenure has been disastrous, but one has to also think Joseph's career is done as well. I have never had a problem with Joseph, but age is starting to catch up with him and ending the season on the bench won't do him any favours going into 2010. No matter what happens, Rider fans will always have a soft spot in their heart for him for his accomplishments in 2007.
Speaking of accomplishments, it will be a big night for Gene Makowsky on Saturday even though he is downplaying it. Here's what I mean.....
Is there anything separating Makowsky from Roger Aldag. There isn't as far as I'm concerned. I guess if Geno should get his hands on the Grey Cup again he might have the advantage, but right now its a sawoff.
Did I say I'm taking the Cardinals to win the World Series? Have I given them the kiss of death.
Hey Carey much for that homecoming!
This story is just disturbing....
That is all! Enjoy your Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Two sure fire hall of famers who will play their entire career with one team are Ben Cahoon and Gene Makowsky. Just try to imagine Makowsky in another team's jersey for a second. To see him in Calgary red or Winnipeg blue would be nauseating.


Anonymous said...

As someone who was in Moose Jaw last night, it was 80's style hockey and there's nothing wrong with that. Its so much more refreshing than the 2-1 yawners you see these days. The Pats have picked it up as they are flying down the ice creating a lot of chances. This Hutt kid looks great and Leffler is playing the way I thought he might two years ago. What can't you say about Eberle. I'm looking forward to Friday night. Calgary will be a great game and it looks like Kamloops has their act together again and will be a good test later this month.


Anonymous said...

I may not have been around to witness Lancaster and Reed in their glory, and yes I know he's an o-lineman, but to me Gene Makowsky is the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I don't know what his background is, but he would be a great replacement for Hopson when he steps down. I hope he remains with the club in some capacity when he retires and I hope that day is a long ways away.


Anonymous said...

Derek Jeter is the Yankees! He's also someone who should get more recognition. He has just come out every day for the past number of years and done his job. He behaves himself off the field and he plays his ass off on the field. As the games get bigger, he gets better. More importantly, he's clean. He should be the face of the game as far as I'm concerned. Go to a game in New York and you will see how much he is revered by people there.

Anonymous said...

Derek Jeter is this generation's version of Reggie Jackson, Jack Morris or Pete Rose when it comes to being in the elite realm of MLB Playoff Performers. It is ludicrous that he gets critized for not being among the very best Short Stops in MLB. With A-Rod being a natural SS having to move to 3rd Base I've heard how he isn't even the best SS on his own team. That's complete bunk, and I've always put it this way about Derek Jeter. He may not make 100% of the plays ShortStops such as an A-Rod (at short), Jimmy Rollins, or Jose Reyes would make, but Jeter makes 15% of the plays those guys could never make. Remember that flip play he made against Oakland about 8 years ago? Nobody makes that play again nobody. Also don't include Tejada in the discussion about SS's. He's a steroid guy, and those guys are not included in any discussions about greatness anymore.


Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot, Jeter will probably end up in another uniform. He's only 35, and he's kept himself relatively healthy. He's never been linked to steroids so he probably isn't rusting from the inside out which will happen to guys like A-Rod etc. Jeter is not hired for power production so he's one of those guys that's a great contact hitter, and clutch performer. I believe that will have him play into his early 40's. The Yankees will not keep him around, and I can't see him doing the Bernie Williams thing by going to the bench. I see him winding it up with the Mets. This is probably 5 or 6 years down the line though.


Mike from Vita, MB said...

Giving up sex, rather than your cellphone...see what happens when your teams start winning championships? LOL