Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sports Bars Beware

Are the days of the 25 cent wings coming to an end.....


Sammy said...

There is also a movement to stop the importing of Brazilian wings into the Canadian market as well, which will drive wing prices through the roof. Although the majority of wings in the canadian market are right now being supplied from Brazil, you'll see an extreme shortage of wings in the Canadian market and the price will go through the roof and the Canadian chicken wing suppliers won't be able to keep up with demand.

Wing nights could be finished as we know it unless an alternative is found.


Mike from Vita, MB said...

Now I've heard everything, LOL!! Who would have thought that wings would be more expensive than chicken breast. Time to go to the "boneless" variety until the regular wings come down in price. Maybe we should all go back to growing our own chickens and selling the wings wholesale. Mitch, do you have some room in the back yard to grow 20 chickens, LOL?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have nachos than wings. Tell the Press Box guys to drop their price by about $2 and to make the half order eatable. One can not eat their nachos by themselves. They have great nachos, but when the other guys want wings or something, I'd rather be digging into a pile of nachos.


Anonymous said...

You know what you can do to make a great substitute? Just go and purchase a package of side ribs. The Pork market has such highs and lows, and right now that market has collapsed. Pork Ribs are so cheap, and you get so much more meat. You can flavour them the same as wings, and personally I think they taste better.

The Chicken Wing thing I'm not sure of. Wings used to basically be "scrap meat" when it came to bird. Someone found out that people like them as snack food, and the price went up. I can't see how breast meat would be lower than a wing. Wings seem to be that food in the mind set of, "we have to have". It's like a cheap barrel of oil still resulting in a litre of gas being .95 cents/litre. It's artificial pricing as far as I'm concerned.


Anonymous said...

Is it Obama's goal to find every sports blog in Saskatchewan and comment on it?