Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rider Update

The team got back on the field for the first time today since Friday's loss in B.C. Sean Lucas did not practice as the ankle he hurt in Vancouver is still bothering him. Head coach Ken Miller expects Lucas to be in the lineup for Saturday's game in Toronto. Steven Jyles and Chris Best did not practice because of flu-like symptoms while Jamie Boreham didn't practice as that hit he delivered on Ryan Grice-Mullen has left him at less than 100 percent.
I don't know who did it, but several players were practicing punts and one was shanked into where the media was doing their interviews. CBC's Glenn Reid was the surprising recipient of that punt. I didn't see how Glenn's hands looked. They didn't look anything like the silky smooth mitts of Rider communications assistant Reid Lambden who handled an errant pass that bounced towards all of us with ridiculous ease earlier in the day. They weren't deliberately aiming at us were they??? If Murray McCormick was out there, I would say perhaps, but he wasn't.

Time to watch some baseball. Go Twins!

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Anonymous said...

Will Clermont play, or is he still in LaPolice's bad books?