Monday, October 5, 2009

Mystery Solved

The person that struck it big in Saskatchewan on the final Super 7 draw has finally been identified. Here's the story. I love the reaction of the clerk.

WINNIPEG, Oct. 5 /CNW/ - "The pioneer spirit is alive and well," claims the website of Beechy, a small village in southwest Saskatchewan. One of that village's approximately 240 residents is about to embark on a very new and unexpected adventure in her life. Jean Canning won $23,963,940 on the September 18th SUPER 7 draw!
Knowing that the Jackpot for September 18th was estimated at $21 Million, and knowing that it would be the last SUPER 7 draw ever, Jean bought a $5 Quick Pick ticket containing six Selections and one EXTRA, from Shoppers Drug Mart at 911 Central Avenue North in Swift Current. She had no idea that one line of numbers on that ticket - 5, 8, 10, 13, 22, 36 and 47 - would soon change her life.
The ticket sat in Jean's purse, unchecked, until Saturday, September 26th. "The store in Beechy was out of newspapers, so I drove to Lucky Lake to buy one, and I had the ticket checked," she remembered.
"I gave the ticket to the clerk, and I heard the `Woo Hoo' sound, so I reached into my purse to find a loonie to pay for the EXTRA. I thought I had won a free ticket!" Jean laughed. "The clerk came around the counter and quietly asked me, `Do you know you won more than $23 Million?'"
"It was overwhelming for everyone," the lucky winner remembered. "I was shaking; the girl who checked the ticket was shaking. The owners of the store came over and got me a chair and a cup of coffee so I could calm down."
Asked if her windfall would help her fulfill any dreams, Jean said, "Financial security is everyone's dream right now." She added that she plans to put her winnings in the bank for now and take some time to make any decisions. "I can also take some better - and longer - vacations!" she laughed.
Jean's $23.9 Million windfall makes lottery history as the last-ever SUPER 7 Jackpot win. The 15-year-old game retired on September 18th and was replaced with a new game called LOTTO MAX(TM), which had its first draw on the 25th. Jean also breaks the Saskatchewan record for the largest lottery prize won on a ticket purchased in that province. The previous record was $17.2 Million, won on the August 9th LOTTO 6/49 draw by a ticket purchased in Outlook.


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is she single?

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