Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bad News For Riders

It looks as if the Riders will have to play the remainder of the regular season without Eddie Davis. The veteran defensive back suffered a torn meniscus in his left knee in the win over the Lions on Saturday. Head coach Ken Miller says he is definitely out for this Saturday's game in Hamilton and he is likely out for what is expected to be a huge first place showdown at Mosaic Stadium November 7 against Calgary.

Tad Kornegay could move from linebacker to defensive half with Jerrell Freeman taking Kornegay's spot at linebacker or Chris McKenzie could move into Davis' spot.


Kim K said...

*hears the sound of a collective "Oh Feck" from Rider Nation*

Anonymous said...

McKenzie played well last week. He'll be alright, but lets hope Eddie is back for the Western final.

Anonymous said...

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I have always thought Hockey was the greatest sport. Nobody sells it properly. When Dana White took MMA mainstream in 8 short years that tells me hockey should be able to work in any market in North America. The problem is the "suits" don't know how to push the proper buttons.

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