Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rider Update

The team practiced indoors again today as they get ready for Saturday's game in Hamilton.
--Belton Johnson was practicing with the team for the first time in a long time. He's been out since early in the season---perhaps even as early as Week 1--with a quad injury and a pectoral injury.
--Stevie Baggs wasn't practicing today as its thought the flu that is going around has gotten to him. Head coach Ken Miller believes he will be fine when the team leaves for Hamilton tomorrow. Luca Congi was back on the field after missing yesterday.
--Its thought the Riders will take some additional bodies with them to Hamilton just in case some guys get sick on the trip or on game-day.
--Chris Szarka had to answer several questions about being a councillor. I believe most of the questions were the same ones that were asked the night before.
--While you would expect Chris McKenzie to start at defensive half in place of the injured Eddie Davis, Tad Kornegay was out there today with Mike McCullough in at Kornegay's spot. Nothing against McKenzie, but I think the stronger defence would be to have Kornegay in the secondary and McCullough at linebacker.

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