Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Statements From The CFL

The spin doctors have been working quickly across the CFL today after word came out today that the current owners of the Argos are looking to sell and that current BC owner David Braley may be interested. Its resulted in this coming out from the league.

Toronto Argonauts co-owners David Cynamon and Howard Sokolowski have issued the following joint statement following recent news reports:

“We want to make it clear we remain the dedicated owners of the Toronto Argonauts, committed to the franchise's success both on and off the field, and particularly in the community. However, we continue to explore different opportunities and are weighing what is in the best interests of our businesses, our families, and the future of the Toronto Argonauts. We will continue to keep the Canadian Football League and Commissioner Mark Cohon informed of any developments, and will certainly inform Argonauts fans, the heart and soul of our franchise, of any real news. In the meantime, we will not indulge in speculation that distracts from what remains our focus: what is best for a game, a team and a league that we truly cherish.”


"Recent news reports have referred to rumours regarding my ownership of the British Columbia Lions. I want to stress that the team is not for sale. I remain the team's owner, proud of its accomplishments, both on the field and in communities across British Columbia, and dedicated to its future success. As an individual, I have always strived to act in the best interests of the Canadian Football League, something that unites this country and that I care deeply about, and I will always do what I can to strengthen our league, and my team, the BC Lions."


"Recent news reports have included speculation on the future ownership of Canadian Football League teams. I want our fans to know that I am in constant communication with all of our owners and governors, who keep me informed of important developments. I am absolutely confident that they are committed to the integrity of our game, and what is in the best interests of our teams, our fans, and the future of our league."

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Anonymous said...

Basically TSN "owns" for lack of a better word the CFL. I'm sure of all the franchises that one will be something they'll have a strong say in who purchases it. All roads lead to Corporate dollars, and it is imperative Toronto be a strong franchise. I recently read a report the Argos lead all Toronto sports franchises in game day attendence. Those two have down a great job with that franchise. I think Keith Pelley leaving has been the biggest problem as he would have fired Rita/Mohns effective last season. With the exception of Steve Burrato whom they demoted there is not one Coach on their staff with CFL experience. David Braley owned Hamilton, now Vancouver, and I could see him taking over this one. He'd probably sell the Lions for really good price then just assume Toronto's debt load to call it even.