Monday, October 5, 2009

Best and Worst Of The Weekend

It was almost sports overload this weekend, almost. Not quite. Many, many things happened over the weekend though. What was the best thing in your mind and what was the worst?

The best: Seeing the Pats find the scoring touch they didn't have for the first few games of the season. Regina hockey fans shouldn't be discouraged anymore about this edition of the Pats, they should be encouraged. I still say they can contend for 2nd in the division.

The worst: Hamilton's two minute offence on Saturday night. The Ti-Cats could have done the Riders a huge favour, but they let that one get away from them.

Comment away!


Anonymous said...

Best thing was the WWE ppv last nite. The DX vs Legacy match was outstanding. Best ppv they have had in a while.

Worst thing was seeing Wally smirk as the Lions walked off the field with another win over the Riders.

Anonymous said...

Best--The first Saturday of HNIC
Worst--Kevin Weekes and the return of PJ Stock on HNIC

Anonymous said...


Very happy HNIC was on. I love the Hotstove segment. Milbury has improved and he really took it to McLean. No yelling or anything, but straight out intelligent discussion. Milbury and Hrudey going over all the technical details is the stuff I live for on those broadcasts.
Edmonton Oiler retro uniforms are awesome.

Hamilton straight up should have won their game against Calgary. Toronto Maple Leafs looked like pylons compared to an elite team such as Washington. Getting the Leafs fixed is not going to happen over night. In fact it took Washington 10 years to get to the level they are through drafting and developing. Toronto fans do not have that type of patience. Small point, but George McPhee comes from that Pat Quinn tree of Managers and Coaches in the NHL. Burke is on that tree to so these guys know what they are doing.
Edmonton is my second favourite, and they are lucky they only lost by a goal to Calgary. To lose a game mishandling the puck like Khabibulan did was horrible. They made many more mistakes too.


Anonymous said...

Best: Seeing the Cowboys lose. Always a pleasurable thing

Worst: Hamilton fucking up at the end of the game in Calgary and me discovering in the 3rd quarter that I had run out of beer


Anonymous said...

The highlight of the Winnipeg Eskimo contest was the Esks missed field goal that was returned 118 yards for a TD by Jovon Johnson. Plays like this are the reason there is a single point on a missed field goal. If the ball was dead why run it out? Take it on the 25 or wherever – boring result. But having to decide, do I give up a single point, or run it out of the end zone can lead to a tremendously exciting play!
Larry S.

Anonymous said...

The best thing this weekend might have been seeing the Leafs get blown out by Washington in the first HNIC game of the year.

The worst thing was not seeing the result of the Thunder game on this blog Mitch. Yer slippin!!

Then again I could go to the CJME website where they don't have Weal POTW, Thunder result, Pats game from Saturday night..etc, etc. etc.
I should just go to the LP website because at least its relevant and timely.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it officially counts as the weekend but it does for me because I had an EDO.

The best thing was being on that EDO not knowing there would be two NHL games on Friday afternoon to watch. A call to Western Pizza and a trip to the cold beer store added with the wife in Winnipeg on business and I was set.

The worst thing was thinking the Rider game was going to overtime and seeing the defence screw things up at the end. Tough, tough loss to swallow.

Love the blog. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Well, since somebody else already opened the door:

Best - another blissful weekend without subjecting my ears to the talentless ensemble at CJME

Worst - local sports (or news) coverage on the weekends in general.

Anonymous said...

Best thing: Cherry goes after NHLPA on Coach's corner.

Worst thing: Seeing Kerry Joseph's career become one step closer to ending. I would love for him to come back here to backup Durant and bring a veteran presence.

Anonymous said...

Boreham's hit on Grice-Mullin.

Riders running game. We're in trouble as the weatehr gets colder. Maybe this Thigpen has something to offer.