Saturday, October 3, 2009

Its Time To Celebrate Blue Jays Fans!

Blue Jays fans will be saying its about time! After eight years, the team has fired general manager J-P Ricciardi. The move doesn't take effect at the end of the season which is Sunday. It takes effect now. Take that for what you will.


Anonymous said...

Tears of joy! This clown has screwed up that franchise with some bad moves. Here's hoping the new guy can get Toronto back to respectability.


Anonymous said...

Thank fuck! Worst GM in Jays history....he must of been banging Ted Rogers daughter to have kept that job for as long as he did!

Mike from Vita, MB said...

What took the Jays so long? Maybe he's the problem the players had, and not Cito. Ricchardi is a waste of skin...who hired him in the first place? Bet that person feels like a heel now.