Sunday, October 4, 2009

Game 163

If you are a baseball fan, you will want to be by your TV Tuesday afternoon. Its a one game winner take all to get to the playoffs as the Detroit Tigers will take on the Minnesota Twins at the Metrodome as the building gets to host at least one more game before the Twins move to their new park next season. One game playoffs are great. There is no margin for error. One play can determine whether you move on or if you go home. I've always been a closet Twins fan, so I'll be rooting for them. I have been in the Metrodome for a playoff game(blog post on that later this week) and it is loud. I'm guessing they will try and raise the roof one more time.
The Metrodome is front and center tonight too. It's Favre vs the Packers--Chapter 1. The game has been over-hyped with everyone just talking about one thing. Brett taking on his old team for the first time. It would not break my heart one bit to see Favre throw 5 INT's tonight. I'm guessing though that he will be ready for this one and if he is, it could be a long night for the Cheeseheads. Who do those that love Favre but love the Packers more even cheer for in this one. Perhaps my brother-in-law can answer that one if he hasn't gotten off the high of the Habs winning their first two games. He's probably already trying to see if he can get to Montreal for the Stanley Cup parade. He's not the only one. Give Montreal fans time to beak now, because in a while they will slink back under the rock in which they came from. They always do!
The baseball playoffs are beginning and they won't be at Wrigley Field this year. Yes, the drought continues. Without a doubt, the Cubs were the biggest disappointment in baseball this year. Their outstanding starting rotation was crap, off-season acquistions aimed at improving this team did not, etc. etc. etc. So basically, its this....,0,7686261.htmlpage
I can't even start to tell you how p-o'ed I am with this team this season. Its just the same old, same old every damn year. Somewhere Steve Bartman must wonder how life would have been different had he not gone to the good old ballpark for Game 6 of the National League Championship Series in 2003.
They didn't wear their ugly green uniforms, but the Seahawks were still pathetic. I didn't expect them to win in Indy against Peyton Manning and the Colts, but I did expect them to at least give the Colts some competition. Uh-uh! I was OK with the team drafting linebacker Aaron Curry 4th overall in this year's draft, but I wanted them to take quarterback Mark Sanchez. With Matt Hasselbeck becoming injury prone, it is obvious Seneca Wallace can not do the job. Having a guy like Sanchez to develop for a year or get thrust into action at some point (remember I had no idea how good Sanchez would be at the draft) would have been beneficial down the road. It is imperative Seattle uses one of its two first round picks this year on a QB. Hello Sam Bradford??
Hopefully Hasselbeck returns next week against Jacksonville.
I took some heat from a couple of people earlier this year when I didn't put Tennessee in my "What team wins the Super Bowl " poll. There was a reason I didn't put the Titans in. Its because I didn't think they would be very good this year. Others--Titans fans--let me know I was crazy. Well, guess what. The Titans are 0-4 after losing to Jacksonville and I believe if you go back to last year, they have now lost their last 7.
The Denver Broncos are 4-0?? 4-0?? Is Kyle Orton the next John Elway?
I forgot to mention this last night, but if you watched the pre-game ceremonies from Rexall Place last night were you wondering the same thing I was. Like "What the hell is this?" I'm not sure what the Oilers were trying to do, but it was an epic fail. Was the person hanging from the rafters supposed to be an effigy of Craig MacTavish. Was it all really necessary? It didn't get me ready for the season, it didn't get me pumped up. All it did was make me shake my head wondering who comes up with these ideas and who approves them? Likely the same person that thought "Battle of the Blades" was a good idea.
That's all I got for now. Have a good Monday.


Anonymous said...

Please refer to them as the "undefeated" Montreal Canadiens Mitch. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The Cubs aren't going to win the World Series. In other news this morning, scientists determined water is wet and men like breasts. HA HA!!


Anonymous said...

While it would never happen, it would be great to see Favre get smoked tonight thus causing a delay to tomorrow's baseball game because they can't find a spatula to clean up the mess left behind.

Anonymous said...

Mitch, Mitch, Mitch. Why hate on the Habs? Just because Carey Price stopped just about everything on the weekend while Khabibulin had a Khabibooboolin at the end of the game is no reason to start ragging on Montreal.

Viva Les Habs!!!


PS: It doesn't matter if they wear blue jerseys, white ones or green ones, the Seahawks still look ugly!!