Thursday, October 8, 2009

Scare For Frazier

Rider defensive back Lance Frazier had to be helped back to the dressing room after a collision with team-mate Donovan Alexander late in today's practice. Head coach Ken Miller says it appears to be nothing more serious than a bruised knee and that Frazier should be ready to go Saturday night against the Argos.
Luca Congi will handle the punting duties because Jamie Boreham will miss the contest with a neck problem. One that Miller says may be something that could either spell the end of Boreham's career or limit his style of play. When asked if the injury happened on that big hit he laid on Ryan Grice-Mullen, Miller says it likely contributed to it, but that the injury didn't happen on that play. Miller added Boreham's neck started bothering him about 5-8 hours after the game in B.C. had ended.
Linebacker Sean Lucas will play, but the coach thinks he will not start and come into the game on situational plays.

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Anonymous said...

Boreham's style of reckless abandon is admirable, but it is catching up with him.