Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Playoff Time

The baseball playoffs begin today with a tripleheader. I can't see these playoffs being any better than what we saw last night, but there will definitely be some drama and intrigue before the trophy gets presented.
A quick rundown/preview


The last two National League champions meet in one divisional series. Colorado just about caught the Dodgers for the NL West title but their efforts came up a little short. However, the Rockies were arguably the best team in baseball amongst those left as they went 74-42 after making a managerial change. The Rockies surprised everyone a few years ago by getting to the World Series, but I can't see them doing it this year. Philly's starting rotation of Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels and Joe Blanton means outstanding rookie J-A Happ(the guy the Jays wanted for Halladay) and Pedro Martinez are coming out of the bullpen. Colorado doesn't have one of its main arms as Jorge De La Rosa is out with a groin injury. I'll go with the Phillies.


Being a Cubs fan, it pains me to see the Cardinals in the playoffs again. It pains me even more to think they are going to be the team to win it. They are led by all-world first baseman Albert Pujols. He is simply the best team in baseball. They may have the best 1-2 combination in these playoffs with Cy Young candidates Cris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright.
The Dodgers limp into the playoffs and Manny Ramirez is nowhere near the player he was before his 50 game drug related suspension. I take the Cardinals


After the drama of last night, the Twins now get the honour of battling a Yankees team that has failed in the playoffs for many years. Will A-Rod be able to get his game going in the playoffs. Will this team that hasn't been able to hit in the playoffs swing some hot lumber. The pressure is on a very young and inexperienced Minnesota pitching staff to have the games of their lives. It doesn't happen. The Yankees will likely sweep this series.


The best series out of the four. Its tough to choose between these two teams. Boston has had the Angels number in playoffs past, but in the end, I think Boston wins this one just because of the playoff experience they have had in winning the big game. It will go the distance though.

When it comes to who will be in the World Series, I will say the Cardinals and the Red Sox again with St. Louis taking it this time around. Sorry Yankee fans!

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