Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FOX's Love Of The Yankees Shines Through

I like Joe Buck as a play-by-play guy. I know there are some out there that can't stand him, but he's one of my favourites. However, Joe and his sidekick Tim McCarver ticked me off Tuesday night during Game 4 of the American League Championship Series as they let their love for the Yankees shine through clearly.

In the 4th inning, Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher was clearly picked off 2nd base, but was ruled safe by umpire Dale Scott. How Scott could miss this is another story in itself. Replays showed he was out. Buck and McCarver discussed it and then moved on. Moments later, Swisher was called out on an appeal play at 3rd base when the Angels said he had left early on a sacrifice play. Well, you would think that call was the most egregious call in the history of umpiring. Both Buck and McCarver said he did not leave early and showed replay after replay to show they were correct.

They even had the gall to question umpire Tim McClellan who seemingly wasn't even looking at 3rd base. Why was this treatment not given to Scott just seconds earlier who was staring at the play yet called Swisher safe at second. Its simple!! Buck, McCarver and FOX want the Yankees in the World Series because of the New York market which means more viewers. Its been a long time since the Yankees have been in the World Series so FOX wants to make sure they cash in this year and they want to make sure that any controversial call is pro-Yankees. What makes it sad is Buck and McCarver are delivering the game across the U-S and not just the New York market. If Yankees radio play by play guy John Stirling wants to take that approach, I'm OK with it, but when on a national broadcast, put the homer hanky away. It was really disgusting to see the Yankee love ooze out of Buck and McCarver on this one.
I lost a lot of respect for Ryan Smyth the day he gave his teary farewell to Edmonton when he was traded to the Islanders, but you have to think he is drawing the attention of Hockey Canada with his early season play. The former Moose Jaw Warrior is 3rd in NHL scoring right now with 13 points and he has certainly seen his stock rise when it comes to potential invitees. He's played more games in a Team Canada uniform than anyone so you know he will be ready if the call comes. You know if given the chance he will succeed too.
If you've got a few minutes, take a listen to "The Douchebag Anthem". I should just send this one out to..................never mind!


Anonymous said...

I don't like the Yankees, but the Swisher play(s) didn't really matter in the end. How he was called safe at 2nd was really strange seeing the ump looked right at it.

I love the douchebag anthem!!


Anonymous said...

The Douchebag Anthem! Is that dedicated to someone with the initials JW? It should be cuz he fits the bill!!! HA HA HA!!!

Anonymous said...

You talked about expanding baseball replay a few posts ago. This is why. Don't forget the Angels catcher tagging two runners out at 3rd, but one was called safe when he was clearly off the bag. If those are supposed to be the best guys baseball have, baseball has another big problem on its hands.


Mitchell Blair said...

Jeff Wagner?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Joe Buck a Cardinals fan?

Anonymous said...

Bad umping in that game all around. They were both out at third on that one play.At that point I just shook my head.

And I'll admit Tim and Joe stepped over the "Homer" line last night, they may as well have had a Yankees foam finger in their booth. So much for not being bias.