Friday, October 16, 2009


First off, I don't think I have caught the H1N1 flu. It feels more like the H7N7. My body feels like its been run over by a huge roller and I just want to sleep. No energy, no appetite, and a rather overall feeling of BLAH!

Perhaps it was that overall feeling of BLAH, but last night's game between the Argos and Eskimos was one of the worst CFL games I have seen in a long time. The next time someone I know says the CFL is a far more exciting game than the NFL, I will just tell them to find a tape of this one and watch it. Yes, NFL games can be boring, but sometimes defense wins out in those 10-6 battles. In this one, both teams were just bad.

Ricky Ray couldn't throw more than a 10 yard pass, Kerry Joseph has receivers that don't know how to catch and both defences weren't that great. It was just bad football that Edmonton won in the end thanks to a botched punt.
Here's hoping for a better game in Calgary tomorrow. I'm interested to see just what the Riders do without Weston Dressler and how they run the offence. I'm also interested to see if Calgary does anything different seeing Dressler isn't in the lineup. I think this will be a low-scoring affair with the winner getting around 21 points. Someone will make a big play in the 4th quarter and that will turn the tide in their favour. I know the Riders are downplaying it, and give them credit for saying so, but you know that they know a win this afternoon and their chances of finishing first are great. They will hold the tie-breaker advantage over Calgary and it could very well mean that last game of the year between the two at Mosaic is meaningless or at worst, a Western final preview.
Pats lose 5-4 at home to Kamloops in overtime. I wanted to go to that one, but my body just wasn't allowing me too. Tonight, Rich Preston returns to Regina as coach of the Lethbridge Hurricanes. Rich is one of the all-time good guys. I hope long-time Pats fans salute him in some positive manner. Preston's return got me thinking about the coaches the Pats have had in the Parker era. I believe its been Preston, Parry Shockey, Bob Lowes, Curtis Hunt, Dale Derkatch and then Hunt again. Am I missing anyone?
The Olympic medals are either loved or hated depending on who you talk to. Yes, the medals look as if someone has taken a hammer to them, but for those who win them it won't matter one bit how they look. You and I aren't getting close to having an Olympic medal of our own.
Is it just me or there a lot of stupid ads on right now. The Old Spice ad is just dumb as is the chocolate man in the Axe commercials. Then there's the one where the three losers think they are going to get lucky at the bar by using personas. Who's kidding who, those three guys aren't getting laid anytime soon. Howard Wolowitz from Big Bang Theory has a better chance at geting some than those three idiots. If the commercial would play itself out, I'm 100 percent positive it would show the three women the guys are trying to pick up laughing those clowns out of the bar. One commercial that does make me laugh though is the Scotiabank ad where the guy rips off his shirt revealing he is right. Its funny, because its true.
If the Yankees play the Dodgers in the World Series, how much will the New York media go into overdrive over the return of Joe Torre and Don Mattingly to Yankee Stadium?
Is Joe Buck as a play by play guy for baseball or football? I can't decide.
TSN's Chris Cuthbert (best p x p guy out there) says he makes it his mandate to watch every CFL game from the week before so he knows what he's talking about when doing the games. How does he find time to do this when he is doing both the CFL and the NHL?


Mike from Vita, MB said...

Yes, Go Riders go!

Glad Rona got rid of the commercial where the braindead builds a deck in his living room.

Today's game will be a nail biter; hopefully we pull it out.

Anonymous said...

The Scotiabank ad is hilarious!! The Old Spice ads are dumb, but the blonde is hot!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch, did you not watch Cleveland/Buffalo?

Mr. X

Anonymous said...

Joe Buck is baseball! I think he has been doing it longer than football and it just sounds right! I enjoy him, hell I enjoy actually seeing baseball this round unlike games missing on my cable during the first round.

And don't even get me started about commercials. It was so nice to watch FOXHD lastnight and see American commercials and some new ones for that matter, I can't take the ones constantly repeated over & over on TSN and CBC's HNIC. It drives me crazy! Switch it up people.

Go Yankees!!! Go Riders Go!

Kevin Shaw said...

Hey Mitch,

You missed Tim Tisdale and Lorne Molleken as Pats coaches in the Parker era.

Preston, Shockey, Tisdale, Molleken, Lowes, Hunt, Derkatch and Hunt.


Mitchell Blair said...

Kevin, I forgot all about Tisdale. How could I forget about Molleken. DUH! I blame it on the H7N7 that I have. Thanks!

Darrin said...

Those ads are annoying for sure. The one that I'd like to see re-worked though is the stupid Halloween Tim Horton's one where they dress up like the coffee and donut. I wish he would say to his wife that "after we're done here, I'm gonna take you home and glaze you baby." At least that would have some comedy to it. The Scotiabank "I'm Right" guy is hilarious though, and that's about it. The moron who can't figure out after this long to switch wireless phone services should be banned for life from well... life, along with the pretty-boy who has the good connection who looks too much like the main actor from that show "The Mentalist". The only commercials that aren't totally annoying are the ones with the War Amps kids or the Play Safe kids (the kids with the missing limbs). At least those have a purpose, even though they do kind of make you feel a bit of a lazy arse when you consider that you're sitting on a couch watching TV and that kid with missing limbs is actually out running around getting exercise. On second thought, take that kid's peg-leg away and then see if he runs around or sits on the couch watching the game. At least I won't feel almost guilty for stuffing nachos in my face while cheering on my team if I don't have too full of a mouth.

Basically I'm saying, get some new ads TSN, it's time to change it up a bit. Otherwise I'm hunting down that AXE chocolate dude and eating his face off after I finish this delicious sandwich.

With that... rant over.