Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Do you remember last week when Victoria's mayor and Pat Fiacco got involved in a bet as to what city would raise more for their respective food bank this past weekend. Well, as expected, Regina kicked Victoria's ass. It meant their mayor would have to come here this winter and shovel Fiacco's driveway. Pat won the bet, but someone else will be cleaning his driveway. This comes from the Victoria Times-Colonist.
Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin has dug himself out of a chilly, backbreaking trip to the Prairies this winter.
Fortin was on the losing end of a bet with Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco last weekend over which municipality could donate more food to the local food bank in a battle dubbed the Great Canadian Food Fight. In the end, victory was Regina's with 177 tonnes, versus 103 tonnes by Victoria. But Fortin's not booking a flight to Regina to shovel Fiacco's driveway, as the two had agreed in the event Victoria lost. (If Fortin had won, Fiacco was to come here and mow his lawn.) Instead, he's sent Fiacco a pair of red Olympic mittens and will spend the time he would have spent shovelling helping to organize food donations at the Mustard Seed Food Bank.
BOOOOOOOOO!!!!! He's giving Pat a pair of Olympic red mittens. Does Mr. Fortin think Pat can't go to Zellers or The Bay and pick up his own Olympic red mittens? (Memo to self: Pick up some Olympic red mittens...its for a good cause!). Will the photo op be Pat shovelling his own driveway wearing the mittens? Actually a better photo op would be Pat's right hand man and overall good man Mark Rathwell shovelling the driveway. After all, he picks up Pat's groceries and drycleaning doesn't he??? (Just kidding Mark!!) This guy has welched out and welched out big-time. C'mon Mayor Fortin, you lost the bet. Put on your woolies and get out here to do some work. You may learn a thing or two when you are out here cuz I know how vicious those Victoria winters can be. Maybe someone will let you drive a tow truck!!!! Let me re-iterate. BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

If he is going to help his own food bank then OK, but still you made the bet, live up to it and then go home and help your food bank. You know damn well Pat would have gone to Victoria and mowed this guys lawn. That's why he is Canada's coolest mayor!!


Anonymous said...

I think making a substantial donation to the Regina Food Bank would be better than a 10 dollar pair of mittens. Victoria should be ashamed of this guy. Fiacco would never do such a thing.

Anonymous said...

Vic's mayor says he isn't going to shovel the driveway and will spend the time helping his own food bank. Shouldn't he be doing that already? You made the bet now pay up. I'm sure Pat would treat him to some "WELCH's" Grape Juice after.


Anonymous said...

I am VERY VERY ashamed to be from Victoria, even worse I actually voted for the Guy, we lost a fair and hard fought battle, too bad we actually beleived that a politician would actually keep his word, but to lie about something like this is lower than most would sink to. Making a bet in public and giving your word on our behalf to another city makes all Victorians look bad and over shadow's a rela problem like the need for more food at our food banks, ...our mayor is a total knob...we are sorry for his existance Regina xoxoxo.