Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Tough Loss

I'll tell you what. Buck Pierce may not win any awards, but the guy should get a purple heart. He is without a doubt, one of the toughest quarterbacks I have ever seen. The Riders beat this already beaten guy up on Friday night, but he kept getting back up and in the end, he celebrates victory as the Lions beat the Riders 19-16 in one of those games where B.C managed to make the big play at the end.
Give the Riders credit as they marched down the field when they absolutely had to to tie the football game, but they left Pierce with too much time and he got it down the field for rookie Sean Whyte to make the game-winning kick.

The defence will take some heat this week for not stopping B.C. on that last drive, but overall, I thought they played very well --especially on the goal-line where they had two goal-line stands including one where Rey Williams showed you what a strong s-o-b he is as he froze Martell Mallett in his tracks.

Darian Durant will take some heat for throwing two interceptions including a costly one in the 4th quarter right after the Riders had gotten a turnover, but one must also acknowledge that when the chips were down, Durant drove the team down the field for a game-tying touchdown.

Bottom line in this one is I think the Lions were just a little hungrier for victory. They knew they had to have this one if they wanted to stay in the Western playoff race. Give them credit for bouncing back after the Riders came back to tie it. Saskatchewan had hung around all night and for a short moment it looked like they were maybe going to steal one.

How close are these two teams. Friday's game was the 13th between the two that has ended with the winning margin being three or less since 1999. When these two play, you know that there's a good chance of it coming right down to the end.
A lot of people said don't be surprised to see Winnipeg beat Edmonton. I didn't think it could happen, but it did. The Bombers beat Edmonton to get back into the playoff race in the East and perhaps stop maybe the Eskimos from being the crossover team. Its win number 2 in a row for Winnipeg. Don't go making parade plans down Portage and Main Bomber fans. Speaking of Bomber fans, they sent a message loud and clear to management that they don't like what is happening as just 22-thousand showed up. Remember those days Rider fans!!
Jordan Eberle's return has the Pats playing much better hockey. After getting nine in P-A on Wednesday, they got six more on Friday beating the Broncos 6-1. Eberle had two giving him four goals in two games. Newcomer Killian Hutt also scored his 2nd in a Regina uniform. GM Brent Parker may have gotten a steal in this kid. Red Deer visits tonight.
I love TSN's hockey coverage, but I was left disappointed on Friday. It was great that they gave us both games from Europe, but they had Gord Miller and Pierre McGuire do the game from inside a studio. You can't do hockey like that and it showed---especially on Chicago's first goal when they didn't see Patrick Kane swoop in until the last minute. Could TSN not send two crews over the pond? Could they not pick up the Versus feed like they are known to do? Lets just say it wasn't a banner moment for TSN---at least not in my mind.
I have grown sick of the Brett Favre last second TD pass last week to give the Vikings that win over San Francisco. If I hear Paul Allen's call again, I may get physically ill. Someone please drag out the archived film of his call when Arizona scored on the last play a few years ago knocking the Vikings out of the playoffs. While everyone is quick to praise Favre for what happened last Sunday, will someone come out and say it never would have happened had Greg Lewis not made a fantastic catch and then have the whereabouts to get both feet down. Lewis deserves more if not all of the credit on that play.
Has Sidney Crosby started growing his playoff beard yet?
I also received some sad news on Friday. A man who basically defined what radio was and the man that helped bring me back to Regina has died. Barry Davies was an icon. There is no arguing that. When I first met Barry, I knew I was in the midst of radio greatness. He helped bring me back to my hometown from Peace River, Alberta by getting me on what was then known as 62 Kool. Who's kidding who, he was 62 Kool at the end as it was a morning show and then taped stuff for the rest of the day. Barry and Dale Isaac are two people that taught me more about radio than what some other people tried to preach. In fact, Barry could probably teach those people a thing or two about the business. His passing leaves me with a huge loss today. If you knew Barry, you know what I am talking about. He lived life hard and I'm sure he went out swinging. Rest in peace Barry! Thank you for seeing a talent and bringing him home. Its something I've always appreciated.


Anonymous said...

The Riders were as hungry as an anorexic girl. They had a chance to bury BC and sit pretty and they let them off the hook. Give Pierce credit for hanging in there, but BC took away the pass and let Cates dawdle for a 3 yard gain here and there. Opportunity wasted!

Terry C

Anonymous said...

The D should not get any heat for the game, even at the end, because if it wasn't for the D there would have been no game to worry about at the end. This one falls on the O totally.

Buck Pierce should be given a medal for sure but we never really got to him in the second half like we did in the first, today I wonder if he can lift his arm?!?!?


Anonymous said...

When did Barry pass, where was he, where has he been all these years? This is very sad news, we loved listening to him for so many years.


Anonymous said...

barry was one of my instructors at WABC...great guy...that is sad news...thanks for the update mitch...mongo.

Anonymous said...

Went to the Pats game last nite and PVR'ed the Rider game. Its a much different looking Pats team than what played here last weekend. Eberle has injected some spark into this team and this Hutt kid looks good. Guhle was also very good. Losing Ebs and Teuby for juniors will hurt, but maybe this team can compete for 2nd in the division.

As far as the Rider game goes, I wonder how many icebags Pierce had wrapped around him at the end of the game. The Rider D had a chance to steal one and they couldn't. Another missed opportunity. SIGGHHHH!!!!

Anonymous said...

If there was a radio hall of fame, Barry Davies would be a first ballot shoo-in. The last day of 62 Kool was certainly a sad one and so is today after hearing this. RIP Barry!


Pac58 said...

Barry was a great colleague, a fantastic morning show partner, and an even better friend. RIP old friend.

Anonymous said...

Billy Joel says "Only the Good Die Young". That was the case when it came to Barry. He will be sorely missed.


Anonymous said...

If you knew Barry, you know he didn't do anything half-ass. I know he fought right until the end. There was never a better ambassador for small-town Saskatchewan than Barry. His loss leaves a huge hole. RIP Barry. Thanks for letting me get to know you over the years even though we only met once.

Bryan Little

Anonymous said...

TSN made it look even worse today with Ryan Rishaug doing the game with McGuire while Miller did the CFL game. From Helsinki to Toronto in less than 24 hours, I don't think so.
That is very sad when you think of it. I hope it doesn't come to that on a daily basis with cutbacks and everything.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with you on the Brett Favre statement. That play was more Greg Lewis than Brett Favre. If any other QB in the league throws that, they talk of the receiver and not the QB.


Anonymous said...

If only the good die young, I'm guessing there are some in a building overlooking the river in Saskatoon that will live to be 300!

Tough one for the Riders. They're not as good as they think they are. I still don't believe in Durant and think when everything ends, they will be in 3rd or crossing over.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any information on Barry Davies funeral, where has he been all these years, is there an obituary, any information would be appreciated?


Sudsy said...

I too was a student of Barry's at WABC and I enjoyed every minute of it.

RIP Barry


Stephen LaRose said...

I'm saddened to hear about Barry. Any news regarding a memorial service?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Barry. He was on original to be sure.

Kevin K

Mitchell Blair said...

To those wondering, I have not seen anything about a memorial service. I haven't even seen an obituary which is odd since he apparently died last weekend.
As many of you have commented, Barry spent some time teaching at WABC. I know he was doing some stuff for Kings Park Speedway and the last time I saw him he was working at the now-closed Extra Foods in the Glencairn Shopping Centre. I had a good chat with him one night as we reminisced about things, about how short sighted radio management can be(loved that about Barry) and his health. He knew he didn't have long and told me if he saw Christmas of 2010 it would be on borrowed time. That's all I know guys. If I hear anything else, I will pass it on.