Friday, October 23, 2009


So do I consider myself to be 2-1-1 last week because of the tie game or 2-2 because I took the Riders. I'll take the latter making me 37-23 going into this week's contests. Here's what I'm thinking.


The Ti-Cats are battling Winnipeg for 2nd in the East while the Argos are simply starting plans for 2010. The Argos are only playing for next year at this time and that's got to be tough for those who put on the helmet. You know you are just playing out the string and you wonder if trying to impress the coach is even worth it because you don't know if Bart Andrus is going to be there or not next year. If you are Kerry Joseph, you have to wonder if your days are numbered and if a strong finish means a shot with someone else next year--albeit as a backup. The Ti-Cats are Toronto's main rival and they would love nothing more than throw a monkeywrench in their plans. Hamilton comes off a tough loss to the Alouettes in which Kevin Glenn threw for over 500 yards. If he did that to Montreal, what could he do to Toronto. I take Glenn and the Ti-Cats.

BTW: I had someone e-mail me saying Kevin Glenn will get his Grey Cup against the Riders this year. Whaddaya think about that statement?


I won't dwell on what happened last week, but you have to know Calgary feels lucky to be tied for first with the Riders after what happened last Saturday. The Eskimos broke their losing streak with a win over Toronto last week, but something is still missing from this squad. If they are the crossover team or don't make the playoffs, I would think that's it for Danny Macioccia when it comes to his tenure with the Eskimos. I can't see Calgary losing this one, but battles between the two Alberta teams have been great this year. I'll go with the Stamps to keep the pressure on the Riders and the Lions.


A lot of this game depends on the availability of Anthony Calvillo. I don't care if he is 98 percent ready to go. If he isn't 100 percent, you sit him and let Adrian McPherson get some reps. The Als simply can't afford to lose Calvillo for the playoffs. You have already clinched first place so why not give him a week off. I don't think it will hurt you when the Eastern final rolls around. That would give the advantage to the Bombers, but how will Michael Bishop perform against a Montreal defence that is very good. This is a tough one, but I will take Montreal because of their defence in what will be a low-scoring contest


These two teams respect one another, but they don't like another. The Riders have come up with some big, close wins against the Lions in the past few years and vice versa. This is the best rivalry in the CFL as far as I'm concerned and its the most intense. A lot of games between these two teams comes right down to the final seconds and this one will as well. In the end though, you know I'm going with the Riders. Luca's the hero and the Riders win on the last play.

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