Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quite The Day In Denver

I gotta hand it to Grant Langford at Major League Tours in Regina. He knows when to take his yearly trip to Denver. A couple of years ago, he took a handful of people down to see the Broncos-Green Bay Monday night game when Favre won it on the first play of overtime. It was also a chance for some to see the Boston Red Sox win the World Series as they beat the Colorado Rockies. That'd be a pretty nice trip albeit he lucked out with the World Series games and those that went had to get the tickets by themselves, but still.
Grant did it again yesterday as several Reginans enjoyed one of the biggest days in Denver sports history. The Rockies pounded Milwaukee to clinch a playoff spot at Coors Field, and then a few blocks away at the Pepsi Center, Joe Sakic had his jersey retired as the Avalanche blasted San Jose 5-2. Who's kidding who, the ex-Swift Current Bronco might be the 2nd greatest athlete in Denver sports history behind John Elway. His NHL career was second to none and like Theoren Fleury, Sakic should be a resident of the Hockey Hall of Fame in a few short years. He has done it all. Canadian hockey fans will never forget his efforts in Salt Lake City on that Sunday in 2002 when the gold-medal drought in mens hockey came to an end.
I remember going to broadcast school in Lethbridge and covering the Broncos in their final year in the southern Alberta city. The team brought in this kid from Burnaby at the end of the season who they had taken in the bantam draft and he just dazzled. He was the best player on the ice each and every shift. It was the first glimpse of Joe Sakic that the hockey world would get. You know the rest of the story.
A big thanks to Access Communications. Like many of you, I watched six hours of hockey on Thursday night, but for many of you, it was the Habs-Leafs followed by the Canucks-Flames. Those that know me know I have a strong dislike for Toronto and Calgary. I'm not that big on Montreal either. About 5 minutes into the Habs-Leafs contest, I wondered if Access was giving us a free preview of the Center Ice service. A LA PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES THEY WERE!! No Toronto-Montreal for this puppy, I'll watch Ovechkin and I'll watch the sweater retirement ceremony from Denver followed by the Avs and Sharks. YES!!!
No word if Dany Heatley was upset over his ice time and if he asked for a trade after. I can't believe how many people are going back and taking the Sharks to win it all this year. Yes, this team is basically the same team that won the Presidents Trophy last season and added Heatley, but this is also a team that has never gotten it done come playoff time. Adding someone who is a me-first guy like Heatley doesn't put San Jose over the top, it makes me think they won't be any better come playoff time than what they've been like in the past.
From the "too much information" file comes this.....
Why exactly would you make these comments and then allow your name to be used?
I'm sure you've seen the Boston Pizza 10 for 10 dollars ad. A peppers pizza? It looks like the only thing on the pie is green, red and yellow peppers. Uh thanks, but no thanks! I don't know who would order this montrosity, but I would not want to be around said person a few hours after it had been ingested if you know what I mean. Who thinks of these ideas? Then again, who was the savant that thought pineapple would be good on a pizza. You don't put fruit on a pizza.
That is all. Go put on your Rider jersey...its just about game-time dont'cha know.


Dodge said...

The Boston Pizza menu says that peppers things was invented a chef at one of their restaurants in Toronto. I haven't had it, but I'd like to try it. You're right, I don't envy those who would have to be near me a few hours after though.

Anonymous said...

WHL fans don't realize what they had when Fleury and Sakic were playing one another. Those two might be the best two players in the history of the WHL.

I already had the Center Ice package, but I can understand your glee Mitch at not having to watch the Leafs. I ordered Center Ice for that reason exactly. Its much better watching whoever on Saturday night for the first game and then watching the Canucks in the back half. That's all i will say about Vancouver now after that effort last night.

If I had one of those pepper pizzas, I don't know if the wife would let me back in the house for 48 hours. It should come with a free bottle of Pepto Bismol.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about Sakic yesterday. I never missed Pats games during that era. You missed one more player. That division had Sakic, Fleury and Mike Modano. I want to give Mike Sillinger a nod. Sakic had so many good players with him on Swift Current. I knew he'd be great, but I didn't realize just how great. He was a quiet player, and then you realize at the end of the game he scored 5 points. Fleury seemed to always draw more attention to himself, and those two finished the scoring race only a couple points separating them. Fleury also played with some really good players in Moose Jaw. The other guy in the division was Mike Modano. He didn't have the supporting cast, but holy geez that guy could fly. I think he had pylons on the team, and Dave Manson. Link Gaetz was there too, and Modano had ALL the room in the world to navigate. Playing in Dallas hampered his statistics. He would have had the points like Sakic had Dallas not been so defensive. He sacrificed the offense in order to win games and a Cup. Mike Sillinger was drafted by the wrong team at the wrong time. He was as good a WHL Player as those guys.


Anonymous said...

Was a big fan of Sakic, even if he played for a division rival (his performance during the 2002 winter Olympics may have something to do with that). Definitely had the most wicked Wrist shot the NHL has ever seen.

I'm with you on the Pineapple on Pizza. I've been saying that for years to anyone who will listen. Fruit just doesn't belong on Pizza

Anonymous said...

I have my Rider jersey on. I like pineapple on a pizza. I love the Leafs. So basically, screw you Jack!

Mitchell Blair said...

The name is Mitch. Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Sure now you tell me about the free preview on Center Ice. I'll have to watch Saturday since I'll be watching the Riders tonight.

My wife and I were at BP South the other night and some guys across from us ordered that pizza. My stomach started grumbling just looking at it. I'm guessing theirs were after eating it. Who would do that to themselves?