Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh For A Dome!!!!

The scene at Mosaic Stadium this morning. One we wouldn't need to see if there was a dome or at least a stadium with a retractable roof.

Lance Frazier will play after leaving practice early. Sean Lucas will play and Luca Congi will handle both punting and kicking duties.

To a man, the team says Toronto's record means nothing to them and that taking them lightly or thinking ahead to next week's big game in Calgary is a recipe for disaster.

On the other side of the ball, Argos coach Bart Andrus says Kerry Joseph will re-assume the role of starting quarterback.


Anonymous said...

These conditions give us a distinct home-field advantage. Why would we want to give that up? Dome-shmome!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm all for a new stadium. However, my new stadium features a retractable roof. On a day like tomorrow, we are comfy. On a hot sunny July Sunday, we are comfy. It will happen!

Anonymous said...

talked to Mayor Pat, he told me its a done deal

Anonymous said...

There's no home field advantage when playing in this crap - the players on both teams hate it equally.

Anonymous said...

Let fix our roads instead of wasting money ona third rate football team. Besides football is menat to be outside.