Friday, October 2, 2009

CFL Picks

A 3-1 record last week leaves me 30-18 going into this week's games.


The Eskimos are rebuilding their defence--especially their secondary. Mike Kelly would love nothing more than to beat his old team. He needs another win at home to keep playoff chances alive as it looks like now like all four teams in the West will make the playoffs. This is a desperation game for the Bombers, and I know there are many out there who think Winnipeg can win this one. I'm not one of them. I take the Eskimos.


I don't know about you, but there seems to be a very quiet resolve amongst the Riders that they are the best team in the Western Conference and they are more than ready to take a good shot at hoisting Earl Grey's Cup in November. The Riders are playing very well right now and while its always a challenge at B.C. Place, the Riders have found ways to win there before. I think they take this one tonight in another hard-fought battle. If they can find a way to win in Calgary and Edmonton, they can find a way to win in B.C. I go with the Riders and perhaps it comes down to Luca Congi's foot.


Do I really have to opine on this subject matter. Its Montreal in a cakewalk.


Win or lose tonight in Vancouver, the Ti-Cats go into Calgary knowing the Rider Nation is firmly behind them. Rider fans would love to see Hamilton bounce back from that disappointing effort at home against Montreal by beating Calgary. It won't happen. Calgary wins this one.
Obama-bashers can come out full time right now. Chicago was voted first off the ballot in what city will host the 2016 Olympics. Many questioned Obama's (and Oprah's) visit to Copenhagen to lobby for the games in his home city saying he had better come back with the goods. He failed. The host city---Rio de Janeiro!
As for Obama making the trip, would an Olympics in the U-S not have helped the Chicago economy and the American economy? I say he gave it a shot and he failed. He's not the first politician to do that and he won't be the last.


LRT said...

Rio de Janeiro was a huge favourite to win the next olympics - Brazil has experienced huge economic growth and much improved stability these last few years, and there has never been an olympic games in South America... the choice of Rio was practically a no-brainer.

Chicago is a good choice too, but the USA can't host all of these big international events all of the time. I don't think Obama and Oprah were huge factors here.

Anonymous said...

Have the Stamps beaten an above 500 team this year? I know Hamilton is 6-6, but I don't think Calgary has which only adds to why they have been so bad this year.

Terry C